I’m Not Special

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Thee friends in a world that you are needed to be special. But they aren’t, so now they are on a quest to become the best that they can be. To become special.

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Not Special
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I was known, known for the patterns on my arms that I was told not to get. Known for the body shape I had, the way it was shaped hourglass-like and the way my chest was bigger than most girls. Known for my plain and blank expressions and sad gaze. But I was most known for my uselessness. It was the year 2025, everything has changed a lot since the 2020 era. The government made a new rule that you will need to be born into the world with a talent, a special trait, or a look. I had none of that. I pretty much blended in, or I was just out of the “ordinary”. It’s a long story on why I’m this way, but anyways back to my reality. I was staring at my reflection for almost an hour, unaware that my mom was calling me from the kitchen the whole time.

“Ashton! You’re going to be late for school!” Well, that completely snapped me out my trance. I looked at my clock and saw that the time was 7:30 a.m. school started at 8 a.m.

“Crap! I got to get ready!” I yelled and quickly put on my usual black dress that reached my knees and a pair of beat down sneakers. The “fan favorite”

Running downstairs I said goodbye to my dear parents and ran down the street to my lovely school.

Once I arrive there I am proudly greeted by my favorite Vice-Principal, Miss. M.

“Well good morning Ashton Luke,” She smiled then crossed her arms, “Seems like you’re late again young lady.”

“I’m sorry ma’am. Kinda got lost into staring at my own reflection that I forgot that time existed.” I tried laughing, but Miss. M was not taking my excuse to heart. I felt bad, I was always late for school. Like, always late.

“Just head to class young lady.” I nodded and ran to my classroom that held my two closest friends, Valencia Marie, and Kai Jackson. They were also ordinary. But they were cooler and known, they still stayed with me though. When I entered the class all eyes were on me. I ignored them and walked to my seat, sitting between Valencia and Kai.

“So what’s the excuse today Luke?” Kai whispered.

“Staring at my mirror for an hour” I answered then looked at him. Kai had features that most boys did not have. I was surprised that he wasn’t special for his looks, but that wasn’t the case. The government claimed that there were too many people with that title. He was also equally good at everything so there wasn’t anything special about him. It was the same problem with Valencia, good looks and equally good at everything.

“Pay attention T.U.O” The teacher yelled. Both Kai and I shot our heads to the front. The class laughed at the name he used.

T.U.O= The Useless Ones.

After the class was over, both Kai and I were held back by the teacher. We didn’t know why he liked to pick on us. We never did anything to hurt or attack him.

“How many times do I have to tell you T.U.O’s that just because you’re different from everyone else doesn’t mean that you can get special privileges?” He said.

“Mr. Klovenzki-” I started.

“CH-low-venzki” He corrected

“Whatever your name is… Kai was just checking in on me. Nothing more, nothing less.” I stated, Mr. C rolled his eyes and left us with a warning before dismissing us.

“God that man has a problem.” Kai finally said once we were far enough from the class. I laughed and looked around for Valencia. My eyes finally found her, she was talking to one of the gamer boys. I smirked noticing how she smiled when she talked to him. So this is the guy that made her blank out during class. I elbowed Kai softly before pointing at the two.

“You know him right Kai?” I asked.

“Yeah. That’s David Ortega, special ability, gaming.”

“Oh, I see..” I continued to observe the two, Valencia never really talked about her feelings. But she was really bad at hiding whether she had a crush or not, “ Should we call her out?”

“Well yeah. Class is going to start soon, and I’m not trying to have another teacher call me out for something so small and stupid.” I nod at his response and head towards Val, grabbing her hand and dragging her to our next class.

Yeah, it doesn’t get better than this.

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