Every Last Second

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Long ago, scientists started installing timers on your wrists. The timer told you how long it will be before you die. Some people had long and happy lives. Others had dark endings, with no happily ever after. These are their stories. -- A collection of short stories based on a popular writing trope.

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Charlotte knew she shouldn’t fall for the boy with the jet black hair sitting in front of her.

She had seen his death clock once. He would die before senior prom. She would be heartbroken, and he would be dead. Those were the facts of life. She should move on before it’s too late.

And yet, there was something about him that made her unable to undo her feelings. Maybe it was the way he treated every day like a new beginning. Or perhaps, it was his obvious good looks and charm. Most likely a combination of the two.

Whatever the case, she knew that what she felt was unshakable, which shook her to her core.

Charlotte knew she shouldn’t fall for the boy with the jet black hair. But she loved him anyway.

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