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My name Ava Summers I am 17 years old just finished high school and I am starting college our family moves alot why I do not know I hardly see my parents my brother practically raised me he has a girlfriend that moved in dome years ago My name is Logan Chavez I am the Alpha Blue Moon pack I am yet to find mate I am currently in college there is not much to knpw about me. When these to meet and a war breaks out how will Ava react to being claimed by the Alpha read more to find out I am also on wattpad I go by the Sunade2020 I am writing a book it is called the Heartless Alpha Female check it out 😁

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First of all I want to thank you for reading my book and if this seems like something you written I am very sorry and I want to know this was purely out of my own imagination I will be updating twice a week if I don't just know that I am very busy bye😁

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