Deep Space Travel & The Art of Starship Repair

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I’m a writer, I’m also severely depressed. So i put the two together in what can only be called the greatest crossover since the power rangers met the ninja turtles, come sit down and read this autobiographical novel wth a space theme i promise you’ll at least laugh at my pain :D

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Prologue: How did we get here?

I’ve never accomplished much in life, I mean sure I got to go to the college I wanted to go to, and yes I studied and graduated in my preferred field (filmmaking, thank you for asking <3) but I still feel like I haven’t made much of myself, and who can I blame for that? Me.

Just kidding I’m a millennial I have zero accountability, I blame social media of course (not entirely I’m not that delusional) But I do think social media could’ve been a good idea, we just didn’t make full use of it. It was a good effort but, never mind that’s a lie lol. Anyways you’re here to read this autobiographical novel with a ton of analogies to space travel because I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and I’m here to talk you through my personal experiences with mental health issues, if you’re not ready for some dark shit I suggest you strap in.

Good, now that we’re all here let me personally welcome you to the shitshow. Enjoy…
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