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A pregnant woman and her husband planned on going shopping for the unborn child.

Early in the morning as it was 5:30 am, the husband woke up, prepared everything needed for the shopping then woke his wife from sleep. As they were done preparing and ready to leave the house, the man tried starting the engine of the car but it couldn't start, he tried that for close to an hour but still proved stubborn. He came down from the car and told the wife that they need not go to the market instead, they should suspend it till tomorrow.

The woman refused and was almost crying, she told her husband that it was better for them to take a taxi to the market, but the husband wasn't affluent with such decision but due to the way his wife was disturbing, he concluded on accepting the decision.

They went to the market and after buying things for the baby, it was time for them to go back home. As they were waiting for a taxi, a friend pulled by and decided to take them home since he was going their way.

On their way home, A big truck drove in their lane and got their car smashed,

Did they survive?

Did anyone die?

After a few hours, it was heard that they all died. The woman's tummy busted, the men's head was crushed, blood everywhere, people crying as they gathered.

They were taken to the mortuary, and that was their end.

Always heed to people's advice especially your loved ones.

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