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Her Older Mate

“I really appreciate your mum letting me stay at her place while I rest. That last fight with those rogues really took a lot out of me. It’s a good thing my second is good for running the pack for a while.” His brogue was a little thicker than usual and it sometimes made understanding him a little difficult.

“How long do you think you need? How long can you be away from your pack? Won’t they fall apart if their Alpha isn’t there to led them?” He looks at his friend and asks in a quiet voice. They had been friends for a while now. They had met when he and his mom had been on a vacation to Scotland. It had actually turned into something of a family history search. When his mom found out that their family had come from the Highlands, they went and did a “up-close-and-personal search. That’s what his mom had called it. He had met Duncan at the inn in town where they were staying, while his mom had been sequestered with the local historian trying to unravel centuries of clan and family history. He never introduced them. He didn’t think his mom was ready to be immersed into a far from normal world. His mom had still been raw from her grief.

His mom and dad had had a great marriage and his death had come as a surprise to all of us. Mom didn’t even know that he was sick. Evidently, his dad didn’t either. The doctro’s could not explain why he had suddenly died. Only that his dad’s heart had just stopped. He came back to the present as he realized that Duncan was asking him something.

“Do you think it would be OK if I stayed here about a month?”

“Sure. Mom’s not due back any time soon, but I can call or text her and let her know that you are staying here, just in case she does come home early. She’s kind of on vacation right now. Her best friend and I sort of ganged up on her to make her take it. She hasn’t been anywhere since our trip to Scotland three years ago.” Sean thought back to the conversation he had with his mom about this trip. “Mom....go, enjoy yourself. Have a fling.” That had almost earned him a smack in the face. ” You know I don’t act like that! What would your father think?” “That’s just it mom, dad’s not here anymore and you are. You’re an attractive woman and still young enough to get remarried. Why don’t you want to go meet someone?” That had earned him another glare. “I had something very special with your dad, son. It’s not like I can go to the local corner store and buy it again. That kind of love only comes around once in a lifetime. Twice, if you are very blessed.”

The house was just coming into view. It was a huge old Victorian that his mom had renovated after his dad’s death. She had said that it was her therapy. He could believe it. The house, inside and out, was stunning. Some rooms mom had kept in period and some she had brought into the 21st century. The kitchen, for instance, was completely modern. As were all of the bathrooms. The living spaces however, were done in period style, with electricity and modern amenities done discreetly. The wallpaper alone had been the biggest headache. He had fought with his mom on it, preferring to simply paint. She had allowed that in all of the rooms by the formal living and dining rooms. Each room was done in sumptuous blue and gold wallpaper, with designs of the period. The rest of the rooms were painted and had matching decor. He could almost hear his mother comment, “of course.” in his head at that thought.

Just then, his phone went off as they were pulling up to the front of the house. It was a text message from his mom’s best friend. “She didn’t stay long. I just picked her up at the local airport and we are on our way to the house now. C u n 25-30 min.” end of text. Not good. He had not had time to tell his mom about Duncan yet. He hoped she would let him stay. Duncan really needed this vacation. After the big fight that the pack had been in, he needed time to get away and heal. Emotionally and physically. A full one-third of his pack had either been injured or killed. Leaving him with the nothing that it was time to step down and let his Son become Alpha and take over the pack. After all, sometimes new blood is needed to bring about a new perspective.

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