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The Wolf Of Her Dreams?

She knew she was asleep. She remembered taking her migraine medication at the airport while waiting on Carrie to come and pick her up. It had been a risky move on her part, but her headache had quickly reached migraine status and was getting out of control. It had already reached the point to where the lights in the airport were hurting her eyes. So, she had taken her medicine and prayed that Carrie had made it in time.

But she was definitely asleep. However, she could hear the sexiest voice that she had ever heard, and feel heat from a warm body next to her. It made her think of her husband. But wait, he had been gone for about three years now, so that couldn’t be him. “What a great dream.” Katie thought. Then as she sank deeper into her slumber, she began to dream of the Scottish Highlands and their heather covered hills and the beauty of how green everything was and how she longed to return. She remembered that the last time she was there, she had hated to leave, feeling like she was leaving something of great importance behind. From out of nowhere a large grey wolf ran up to her and sat down at her feet and stared at her.

“Hello beautiful. Where did you come from and why are you with me? Surely it’s dangerous for you to be around humans. They don’t understand your kind. All they understand is that you get hungry and kill their livestock.” Daringly, she reached out a hand and let it sink into the wolf’s fur around his neck, where it was the thickest. It was her dream after all. The eyes of the wolf were surprisingly intelligent looking and stared at her disconcertingly unflinching, as if trying to convey a message.

“If you’re trying to tell me something, you’re going to have to do a better job than that. I’m just an ordinary human and don’t understand wolf-eyes.” Even in here in her dream, Katie felt a little silly talking to the wolf, but it seemed to understand her and even made a coughing sound that was similar to laughter. “Are you laughing at me?” Katie had decided that it was just a dream and she would do what she wanted in it.

The wolf seemed to nod his head as he coughed-laughed again. Without warning the large wolf jumped up on his hind legs and stared down into Katie’s eyes. Again, just as suddenly, he licked her. His big tongue swiped the whole left side of her face, leaving it wet with saliva. He was coughing-laughing as he got down and ran off in the direction he came from.

“Ewwww, that’s just gross. It’s not so bad when a dog licks you on the face. But when you get your face washed by a wolf, well, that’s another story altogether.”

Katie sank deep into unconsciousness again to sleep off her headache. Little did she know that her encounter with the wolf was just the beginning of the next chapter of her life.


Sunlight streamed through the windows of her bedroom as Katie lay in her bed. She reveled at the feel of it, loving how comfortable it was. She and John had purchased it just days before he had died. In fact, he had never gotten to sleep in it. It had not been delivered until days after the funeral. Shoppping for the bed had been a delightful chore that they had had much fun doing. It had miffed and upset Sean that his parents would act like teenagers in public while they were shopping for a mattress. At one point, he had been so embarrassed that he had left the store to wait for them outside.

Coming fully awake, she realized she wasn’t alone in the bed. Moving quickly, she rolled out of bed and opened her nightstand drawer and withdrew the pistol. Coming to stand at the foot of the bed, she let her gaze wash over the man that seemed content to lay there in HER bed and watch her as she pointed a loaded pistol at his heart.

“It’s not you know.” His voice was soft, deep and oh-so very sexy. It washed over her like a waterfall. And like a waterfall, it carried many things with it. Lust, longing, rapid heartbeats and the feeling of something greater.

“It’s not what?” She asked.

“It’s not loaded. Sean predicted that you would react like this and unloaded it last night.” The stranger replied with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Why would my son unload my gun and leave to let you, a man, a man that I don’t know, to sleep in my bed?” Her patience was quickly running out and she was really going to have a long talk with her son.

“Uhhh mom?” And just thinking about him seemed to bring him to her room.

Katie answered in her frostiest voice, “Yes.”

“Ouch. Mom, I can explain. Better yet, Duncan and I can both explain.” Sean was not looking forward to this. His mom was know for being able to ferret out the most hidden information, and it wasn’t looking good for him. He hoped Duncan would have better look at dealing with his mom.

“Aye love, that I can.You see, you were very ill last night. It seems that you are prone to migraines. Am I right?” At Katie’s nod he continued. “Well love, it seems that you also were so knocked out that Seanny-boy here was concerned about you and asked for me to stay with you last night. I must say, it was one one of the best night’s sleep that I have ever had.” Duncan watched her closely to gauge her reaction to his tale. With the exception of her eyes narrowing on his calling her “love,” she really didn’t say anything.

“And just why would Sean not stay himself?” She asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“Because I told him that I would gladly do it.” Egads, he was getting up and he didn’t have anything on. Katie let her eyes roam over his body. She wasn’t a prude by any means, and had always thought the human body a thing of beauty. But it seems that the saying “all men were created equal” was not really true. His body looked as if it were carved of stone and tall. He was very tall. Her John had been tall, but this man, this man was taller than even he had been. She had hit John right at the shoulder, if she was lucky. This man, well she might actually be level with the middle of his sternum. She had always liked tall men, but this was ludicrous.

“Put some clothes on and come downstairs. I need food and coffee.” Rounding on Sean, who was standing at the doorway to her bedroom, “And you, don’t think that you’re off the hook just yet. Your part in all of this hasn’t been explained. But it will be.” Katie went to her closet and grabbed a robe to put over her gown and left the room.

“Whew! I know you said that your mom could be tough, but I had no idea. Are you sure she’s not part wolf?” Duncan waas only half joing when he asked.

“I don’t htink so. I mean, she is almost half-Scots. Her family is either all Irish or Scottish. There is a little Native American, French and Dutch thrown in, but mostly Scottish. She happens to be bery proud of her heritage.” About that time his mom chose to loudly holler his name in a tone of voice that she had used when he was a teenager to let him know that she was getting tired of waiting on him.

While they had been talking, Duncan had grabbed a pair of jeans and pulled them on. He quickly ran his fingers through his thick curly hair and followed his friend downstairs to the kitchen. When he got there the site that met him surprised him. It seemed his mate was the one person who still had the ability to surprise him. After all, once you have lived over 250 years, there really wasn’t a whole lot to be surprised over. All over the walls were pictures. Pictures he had missed last night. They were of the Highlands and of the Outer Hebrides. Many were also of castles. Some were still lived in and in good repair, while others were in shambles and having been abandoned.

“I see you looking at my photos. Are you from any of these places?” Katie asked in a seemingly casual voice.

“Aye, love, I am. I am from the Highlands myself. My clan is an old one and has a long and unfortunately, bloody history. Do you know where these were taken?”

“I do. I took them myself.” Katie answered with pride.

“Did you now? Well, and didn’t you do a great job of it, too?” Katie felt herself beam with pride at his response, then frown as she bagan to wonder why in the world this man’s opinion suddenly meant so much to her. She had a suspicious feeling that she was not reallygoing to like her son’s explanition of the ways ans wherefores of this stranger. But she also believed that her life was about to take a drastic turn. Wheather for the good or the bad remained to be seen. Well, this should be interesting.

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