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Getting To Know Her

Turning to her son, she asks, “What did you want for breakfast? The cabinets and fridge are well stocked. What would you like Duncan?” Duncan noticed that she didn’t look him in the eye as she asked him about breakfast. She busied herself digging in the lower cabinets for pans to cook in.

“You know mom, you would have read me the riot act if I had done what you just did.” Sean gleefully told his mother. He knew that she was trying to avoid looking at Duncan. There he sat at her kitchen table, dressed only in a pair of jeans and nothing else.

“I’m sure that I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am merely trying to get all of us something to eat.” She turned to look over her shoulder at her son, almost pleading with her eyes for him not to pursue the subject. “Oh no, you don’t!,” Sean said. “This is the first time that a man has captured your attention and you want me to simply pretend that it’s not happening. Mom, I know you feel a little out of your depth, but did you ever stop to think that Duncan might feel the same?”

Katie looked at the handsome man. He was watching her as if gauging how she would react. She was terrified, but did as her son said and took a good look at him. Under his oh-so sexy smile was a boyishness and smouldering good looks that would capture any woman’s heart should he try just a little bit. His body looked like it was sculpted from granite. She had the absurd notion that if she poked him hard enough it would break her finger. But underneath it all was an uncertainty that really set her at ease. It seemed that this handsome and seemingly confidant man was uncertain. Of her? Of himself? Of both of them in this situation? She wasn’t sure, but it did help.

Katie took a deep breath and spoke. “You’re right of course. I’m being silly. I’m a grown woman and I have plenty of confidence in myself.” She turned back to Duncan and spoke to him. “I apologize. Avoiding looking you in the eye is very rude. And Sean’s right, I would never allow him to take an easy way out simply because he was uncomfortable.” Katie turned back to the stove and began to cook.

When breakfast was done, Katie set three plates on the table. Duncan lookd down at his plate and then over at her plate. She had almost had as much food on her plate as he had. Sean grinned at him and said “She’ll eat it all. My mom can eat some food and bashful is not a word we use with mom. Don’t say anything just watch.” Duncan did as his friend suggested and watched as his mate began to eat. She finished all of her food and had two more cups of coffee. Katie wasn’t fat by any means, but she did have a very voluptuous figure. It reminded him of an hourglass. Her hips were almost even with her shoulders and her waist was tucked in and well defined. Her chest....well her chest was just as lush as the rest of her. He would almost bet that she didn’t wear button-up tops. Her breasts wouldn’t allow her to.

While Duncan was daydreaming about doing naughty things to his mate, she was cleaning the kitchen and going to get dressed. Finally, he realized that Sean was talking to him. “That’s really gross, you know. Watching your face as you think about my mom. I don’t care if she is your mate. She’s still my mom. Now, I was trying to ask you if you would like a tour of the property. Mom ffered to pack a lunch for us.

Duncan’s eyebrows shot up at the idea of lunch. “Surely we won’t be gone that long. I mean, how much property does your mom have here?”

“You might be surprised. We have about 150 acres of land. Most of it still wild and untamed. Mom keeps it that way for a purpose. She uses it for hunting and timber. She has been approached in town by hunters wanting to hunt on our property. She always tells them no. There’s this one guy, though, it’s like he doesn’t understand that mom actually means it when she told him no. Mom’s cought him trying to sneak onto the property and ordered him off. I don’t understand what his problem is, but I think he could be dangerous. I don’t like, I never have. He puts me on edge.”

“Do you think he would hurt your mom?” Duncan asked in a seemingly casual manner.

“Don’t blow up over there, Duncan. I didn’t tell you so you could get all Alpha-wolf on me and try to get protective and possessive over mom. I told you so you would know if you ever run across someone on this property that i not my mom or myself.” Sean thought that it was a little bit funny that this was happening. His mom had always half-jokingly called his dad a lone/alpha wolf. In his way, his dad was. He had been very protective of his mom, not to mention possessive. But now that a real Alpha0wolf had entered his mom’s life, it won;t seem so odd or hard to get used to.

“Anyway, mom thought that we would take a couple of horses and go ride around and explore the property. It’s vast and it will take at least several hours to go over. By the way, can you ride? I mean, how does that work. What with you being a wolf and all? Do animals tolerate you, will a horse. I mean, I have ATV’s if not.” Obviously there was more to this than what Sean had thought about.

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