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The Alpha Protects What's His

Sean and Duncan were enjoying the ride around Katie’s property when the two-way radio started to crackle. “Sean are you there? Someone is trying to break into the house. Are you there?” They both heard a scream and a gunshot.

“Mom, Mom....mom!” Turning he looked at Duncan who had already shifted and was running toward the large Queen Anne victoria house. Sean knew that Duncan was a werewolf, but had never seen him. He was HUGE! Three times the size of a normal wolf, Sean noticed that as the wolf ran it seemed to eat up the ground, making it’s way to his mate in just a matter of two or three minutes, rather than the twenty it would have taken on the ATV’s.

By the time Sean arrived at the house, the intruder was cornered by the large wolf who was steadily advancing on him and growling menacingly.

The man the wolf had cornered in his mom’s bedroom was none other than his mom’s on and off boyfriend. His mom had finally had enough of his controlling attitude. She had confessed that she was a little afraid of him, because of some of the things that he had said to her. “Sean, you didn’t hear him. He sounded like one of those crazy women’s channel movies about a relationship gone bad. He said he would never allow me to have anyone but him in my life. I relaxed a little when he left town.”

As he remembered this cold chills swept over his entire body. Looking from the man to the wolf, Sean asked a question that had his heart in his throat. “Did you find mom? Is she ok?”

Obviously, this was the wrong question to aske because the wolf made a small leap at the man. Jared. that was his name, let out a scream and cowered down while wrapping his arms around his head. “No! Don’t bite me. I wasn’t going to do anything. I swear! I just wanted to talk to Katie. I’ve missed her.” He was almost crying.

“Sure you did. That’s why my mom’s backdoor was kicked and why she is still hiding. If you have hurt her, you might not live to regret it. I know about you. Mom told me everything. I have even seen pictures of bruises you left on her arms.” Sean sneered.

“I never did anything but ascert my rights as he man. She’s mine! She’s always been mine!” Jared was yelling.

Suddenly, the wolf moved away and Duncan walked into the room. “You know she’s not yours. You can tell from the smell! You are just a rogue with no pack! That’s why you wanted her. If you were married and settled then you wouldn’t be considered a rogue anymore. You even went so far as to abuse the human woman that you wanted to mate with, MY MATE! Do you know who I am? I am old, boy. If you want to live to be as old as me then I suggest that you learn how to treat a mate. And the next time you try to take a mate, it had better be yours.” Sean could have sworn that Duncan was growling.

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