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She Knows

Duncan heard a strangled sound coming from behind him. He turned around quickly to find his mate, Katie, standing there looking at him with a shocked look of her face. Duncan raced across the room to pull her into his arms, afraid that she would reject him through fear. And who could blame her. She just discovered that there is more to her world than she knew. Through the mate pull he could feel her apprehension and shock. However, what he didn’t feel and was surprised, was fear.

Katie leaned back in Duncan’s arms so that she could look up at his face. It was incredibly handsome, some women would even call him beautiful. She wouldn’t though. To her his looks were a little too rugged. She decided to speak exactly what was on her mind.


“Yes.” She had expected this answer.


“Yes.” She had expected this as well. However, she was a little nervous about her next questions.





Duncan buried his face in Katie’s neck and inhaled her own unique scent. He couldn’t wait to mark her. After 265 years of living alone, he was ready to start this part of his life. He had been mated to a she-wolf for an heir, but he didn’t really count that.

They had so many things to work out. But, he didn’t think that it was going to be too very hard. After all, they were mates and destined to be together.

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