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Her Happy Ending

Katie sat next to her husband and mate and leaned against him. Her tears had dried and her heart had finally stopped beating so hard.

“It’s ok, love. The twins are big boys, and you did a wonderful job with them. They’ll be fine. I know it’s a long flight, but we do have modern technology out here in the wilds of Scotland, you know. You can Skype them every weekend. Just understand love, they are rather randy young wolves, and are going to chase the ladies.” Duncan smiled down at Katie as he told her all of this.

“I know, Duncan. But they are our babies. I remember when the pups were born. Sean was so pleased. You would have thought they were his, instead of ours. Speaking of Sean.....”

“Already called and talked to him and Fiona. They are coming over Friday. Corrine and Abigail should be home from school by the time they get here. The girls will be so pleased. They haven’t seen their brother in at least a year. The last time, I could have sworn that we were going to have to separate everyone. The girls definitely take after the wolf side of the family.” Duncan was very proud of his family. All of them. Right after they had had their very odd conversation in her bedroom, they had made several decisions regarding their life together. They had also called Shamus, Duncan’s son. He had been very happy for his dad and had proceeded to tell him what he could do with the Alpha position. Turns out that Shamus hadn’t wanted it to begin with. To him it had kept him from the woman that he loved.

Following their phone conversation, she and Duncan had decided to spend a week at her home getting to know each other without the pressure of His Alpha duties getting in the way. The following week had been spent in his ancestral home in the Highlands meeting his pack. She had been immediately accepted by them. They had welcomed her with open arms and with love. When she learned about her duties as a Luna, she had balked somewhat. But Duncan had soother her and informed her that he would never have another in that place and that as his mate, it was her right, privilege , and duty to be as best a Luna as she could be.

They had been there for about two weeks when Duncan had awaken her one morning. He had been in such good spirits that it had been infectious. He almost always seemed to be in a good mood around her, but that morning, his eyes had sparkled with hidden things. She had found out soon enough. It seemed that as Duncan was having her fitted for a dress made from the clan tartan, he had had the dressmaker use her measurements and make her an exquisite wedding dress. She had been told that she was getting ready to go to a party in which she would be introduced officially as the Luna. Turns out, he had quickly and quietly palnned a dream wedding. When she realized what was happening, she cried. She couldn’t believe that she had such a wonderful mate. He was everything that she could ask for.

That had been twenty years ago. In that time, they had had a set of twins, who just left for college in and America, two beautiful daughters ages 17 and 15. Sean had fallen in love with a she-wolf and Duncan had turned him so that they could be together. Shamus, it turned out, was seeing his mate. She was the she-wolf that he had been interested in. They had gotten married, mated and evn had a few pups. Katie had been afraid that he would resent her, taking his mother’s place in Duncan’s heart. But he had been one of the first to welcome her. He had even asked if he could call her mom.

The night of their wedding, Duncan had marked her as his. By doing this, it effectivley also turned her. She hadn’t minded. It had meant that she would be with Duncan until they died together. They were looking forward to the next 250 years, or however long they had together.

Duncan’s arms tighened around Katie as he ppulled her onto his lap. Leaning down, he gently kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear. “Are you happy, love? Do you have any regrets?”

“Mmm, none, and of course I’m happy, Duncan. How could I not be. I have you, who loves me probably more than I will ever realize, I have a beautiful family, a wonderful clan and a protective pack, who loves their Luna. Happy? Yes, incredibly so. Regrets? Not a one.” Katie leaned up to place a sweet and gentle kiss on Duncan’s cheek, leaned back and closed her eyes as she drifted off to sleep in the arms of her older mate.

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