Instinct (the flashbacks)

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All of the flashbacks from my book Instinct but in order. This is not meant to be a prequel even though in some aspects it can qualify. Read Instinct first!!

Aurelia M
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Family beach trip-Allonia

11 years ago(ch 1)

April 20, 2025

“Allonia, it’s not that bad.” My mom smiled as she tried to coax me into the water.

“No, there are sharks.” I shook my head.

“Scaredy cat.” Andreus taunted me.

“Daddy. Andreus is being a big fat meany.” I whined as I tattled on my older brother.

“Come on Lonia. I will go in with you.” Alondra smiled as she held my hand and walked into the water with me.

“See it’s not that bad.” My dad smiled at me as he held my baby brother.

“No,” I giggle as I walk a little deeper into the water. I let go of Alondra’s hand and run my hands through the water. Allowing the clear water flow in between my small fingers. Andreus splashes me getting water all over my face as he laughs.

“Big fat meany!” I yell as I push him.

“You two be careful,” Mom tells us as we continue to shove one another.

“Mom Allonia can’t hurt me.” Andreus said. I glared up at him as the words left his mouth. Can’t hurt you huh? So I did what any other angry 9 year old would do . Hit him where it hurts. I watched as he crouched in pain.

“Karma.” Alondra giggles as Andreus glares at him.

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