Where is god ?

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"" Helping one person might not change the whole world , but it could change the world for one person ""

Rishav Agarwalla
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Where is god ?

A few years ago I had the same question in my mind that , Where is God..? But after that one lesson of my life taught me everything and answered all my questions . Ohh.!! Wait wait before telling this story , i want to tell you something about myself . My name is Aman singh rajput . I live in mumbai , india . One year happened my father was transferred to Mumbai, since then we live in Mumbai . But before we lived in Gujarat . Often speaking, Mumbai is called a city of dreams , Likewise i also came to mumbai with my dreams .

Raghav and Me both go for a Jogging in the morning . Actually Raghav is my Mumbai friend, we both are studying graduation , our friendship will be around one year .

It is a matter of one day, both of us were coming back from jogging, when a small innocent child was wearing torn clothes, his hair was golden coloured, he stopped us and said brother, brother, give me something in the name of God, but we didn't have anything to give him , because whenever we come for jogging we put the purse in the room .Before we speak anything, he understood everything and went somewhere.

After he left, Raghav said that God is there to help him, since then the same question was going on in my mind that where is god ? Where do they live ? How will god help ? and so many Questions in my mind .

Mumbai's juhu Beach is something different .The open air of the inhibition, the sights of the evening I liked the most . If i ever feel bad then i used to go there .

One evening, my younger brother and I were sitting next to juhu Beach . After a while, someone put a hand on my shoulder, when i looked back , it was that innocent boy who we found during the jogging time .

I was so happy to see him and I sat down next to him and started talking . I gave him fifty rupees on my behalf, and he had a big smile on his face .

I asked him, "Why do you say that? Give me something in the name of God. Can you say that I need some money for education..?" may be more people will help you . He said something with a smile , And I got the answers to all my questions -

"God can not come to earth to help the poor, He sends people like you here for our help" . After that he left .

In this story we learn never miss a chance to help others because they are an angelic helpers who help others .

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