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This story is a rollercoaster of emotions. Based on a true story, a story about my life. This is a story about how everything went from good to tradgic in a blink of an eye.

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Chapter 1 The good life

Everything as I remember it. Nothing has been altered or fabricated. this is my life.

My name is Chelsea. I have Two siblings

Tyrell and Dasiah. Dashiah is four years younger than me. She's short and chubby. A little rough around the edges in comparison to my brother and me. She has kinky clurls and wide eyes, while Tyrell and I are tall and slim with curly hair. We are lighter than my sister as well which made sense considering we don't have the same father. Tyrell is two years older than me... I envy Tyrell Everybody wants to be his friend, and although I'm the princess of the family I was still lacking that special something, and my brother had what I wanted. to this day I'm not sure of exactly what it is. my mother is Tina, and she is beautiful. Long, thick, curly hair the just almost touched her waist. She is a white woman standing just at 5'8 who's laugh could light up the whole world. My father is a black male real slim standing at 6'4 he was so handsome. He was the beast to my beauty, and I was his Princess.

My mother and father met when my mom moved to Georgia. They went to Shiloh High School. My dad was the most popular guy in school, and my mom was a nobody. They did that whole fairy-tale thing I'm sure you know how that goes. They graduated and had us kids, and we thought the world of them. We had all the new clothes and shoes trending back then and they never fought or argued. What more could a kid want? We did things as a family and I loved every second we were together.

Everything changed one day. I remember this day like it was yesterday. My brother and I were at the Best Friend park on burns road with my dad. Many years later I went back, which is the only reason I know exactly where it's located, but that's beside the point. We were flying kites. The wind was blowing despite the fact it was at least eighty degrees outside. My dad is standing behind me.

"Alright moose it's time to fly, I want u to run until that kite is in the air alright." He says to me with a grin on his face.

" Ok, daddy," I said with admiration only a daughter could have for her father.

I was five back then. Smiling so hard you could see the dimples digging deep withing my apple face. Gosh, I miss these days. I had no idea what was going to happen in the moments that follow. It would change the way I viewed my father forever.

"Yes, moose you got it. You're doing it, your doing it." He exclaimed while doing a dance he called the happy dance. This is a silly dance he created where he flips his long arms and legs around everywhere. I giggled.

"Black come here!" My mother fumed

" Mom," I yelled as I ran towards her. "I did it. I flew the kite!"

" You did ohhh that's just wonderful. Why don't u go over to your brother and show me, while I talk to daddy." She said softly with obvious admiration despite the fact she was indeed pissed off. I ran to my brother and got the kite back in the air with little effort, but when I heard the most excruciating scream I dropped the kite sending it into a tree. Unaware of where the scream came from I turned in it's direct I on, only to be horrified by what was before my eyes. I immediately ran to my mom. My dad had her pinned to the ground pinching her under the arm. I remember they were yelling something, but I can't remember what due to the fact I was stunned by the very sight of what unfolded in front of my once innocent eyes. I'm still running when I feel a pair of hand scoop me up. I immediately start screaming a gut-wrenching scream filled with pain and demanded the person to put me down.

"Nooooo." Was all my little heart could manage to say.

" It's ok, it's ok I'm taking u home." The voice spoke

I immediately recognize this voice and decide to look at the face so familiar. It's my grandma...well we call her nano. She had my brother's wrist pulling him along. When I look down he's crying too, which made my heart ache even more, and all of a sudden I find my tears growing stronger as I let out another scream. When we get to the car we can see out the window, but the worst is done and over with. My mom is screaming as she walks back to the car. Mascara streaks her face and I think about the fact that I've never seen my mother cry.

We are pulling up to a gas station where my mom picks up the payphone and says " yes officer I've been assaulted by my husband."

After the call we go back to the's a huge white house with a fence and tall ceilings. I think to myself about everything that happened a little over an hour ago and say " mommy daddies bad." She looked at me with glossy eyes and said " No daily isn't bad. He just made a bad choice." I pondered on that for a while.

Life went on as usual after that. My dad and I had tea parties, went to the park, danced together like we were in a ballroom, and went to church every Sunday. That's what blew my mind back then. It wasn't because of the situation itself, which yes it had an effect on me, but it was more because my dad was a man of the lord in my eyes and the lord's men weren't supposed to do violent things as he had done. Of course, I was young and didn't understand that a man can go to church but it doesn't mean they don't sin.

One day my dad and I were dancing in the living room he sang the song that was playing to me and my dad can sing. Put any gospel song on and imagine God himself was singing it, and that's my dad's voice. He looked down at me love filling his aura and spoke.

"Moose if you don't remember anything I tell you to remember this... You don't need a man I'm the only man in your life."

" Yes sir," I said not knowing exactly what he meant by that.

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