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As I lay down in my bed, the nightmarish dream repeats itself again. I am starting to think that it is real slowly, slowly. 11:20 pm. On a full moon, she walks from the bathroom to the balcony. Sometimes her whispers are unbearable, but some of them are eerily true. This school, these people, the bullying to torture. She is me and I am the worst nightmare this school's patriarchy will see.

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Chapter 1 : Who Are You?

Weird staring.....

I hate this.
Everyone is watching me as if , I was not supposed to be here. I take deep breaths in every two seconds, this sweat and this big knot in my stomach won't unwind. As if, I am afraid for what's to come next. I change my shoes and walk towards the teacher's staff room. This voice, her voice just will not leave me alone.
"Excuse me for intruding, Sensei" I speak with the habitual politeness I hate.
"Ah! You must be Fumihiro Enma! " a jolly young teacher walks towards me and hands me over my schedule with my class assigned on it.
"I will see you in class" the Sensei turns away with a cold shoulder to me.
"Something about this does not feel right to me." I glance at all the people staring at me as if I were ghost they saw. It is probably the scars and the bandage wrapped around my head. I convince myself.
"Year 3 Class A" I recite one more time to myself. "Why does it feel like.... deja vu" I whisper to myself as I slowly open the class doors.
"Class meet your new classmate Fumihiro Enma" Sensei exclaimed as I walk in. Time for introductions, I suppose.
"Hello, to you too Sensei. As sensei said my name is Fumihiro Enma. I hope we all can get along well." I say as I bow down as form of polite gesture. "Feel free to ask me questions if you have one" I add for the fact, I am familiar with one of the face I see here.
"Nice to see you, broken boy" Yuriko Tesuji my former sister calls me as the class fills in with laughter. Honestly annoying.
I inhale and wear that smile I practiced. "Nice to see you too, benefit child." I respond her back. The shock on her face was the melody to my eyes.
"Any questions?" I ask the rest.
"I.. I do" a timid little braided hair girl says softly.
"Of course! Ask away!" I say cheerfully, sometimes I do feel I am bipolar.
"Why is your last name Enma ? Isn't Tesuji Chan your-" Before she could finish I interrupt her " Sorry to cut you off fellow classmate, but I was just someone she needed in her earlier life to keep company, now she does not need me as her toy anymore, so I was allowed to keep my real family surname Enma ."
The air of the classroom got dense.
I just glanced at Sensei and asked "Sensei where am I supposed to sit?"
"O..Oh yea! The last bench in the middle row!" he responds being baffled.
I did not care about the gazes I got anymore, as if what I thought had happened... good job... the voice told me.
*Lunch Break*
Well, I did not have time to make my own lunch so, I just wander around seeing clubs, I could fit in.... I guess?
"Sports clubs... No they are not for me, too traumatic for my height" I giggle to myself.
"Um... Are you looking for clubs?" the voice surprised me. "Woah! Sorry! I did not see you there!"
"I'm sorry about it" it was the same timid girl from class. "Hey! Do not say sorry, anyways I never got your name!" I asked her to make her feel better.
"Oh um... I am Kanako Ichika, nice to meet you".
"Ah! Kanako Ichika 'child of music blessed with thousand flowers' " I exclaimed. "Huh?" she exclaims in puzzlement of my words "That is what your name means Ichika san!" I tell her.
"Ne~ ~ are there any clubs you are in? or tried for?" I ask her.
"Oh um yes! I am part of the music club here. It is called 'Kaori' in general" she told me softly. Least one person treats me well.
"Can I try?" I ask her. "Are you good at some instrument?" she asks me back , as we slowly head to the club room
"I am not sure about my voice... but I am pretty confident about my acoustic guitar skills! I can also write a little bit of poem like lyrics, if it counts as lyrics" I tell her.
I open the door to the club room. "Huh there is no one here...Can you wait here? they must be in the cafeteria I will get them." She requests me as she walks out of the club room.
"Everyone hides some thing or the other don't they, Kuchiha" that is right, that is her name, the voice in my head. As she was gone, I decided to explore this small room filled with instruments. "It seems there are either many people or the fact they might be very talented, prodigies maybe" I say to myself, and then that guitar catches my eye, a beautiful little thing on it's stand with a floral strap around it, a pretty black and white frame. "It is just like mine!" so hypnotized into it's beauty, the next thing I know it sits around my arms.I settle down on the chair next to the window, the wind blowing softly.

*Kanako and her club members 3rd person point of view*
"Why would you ever kiss me~~"
Kanako freezes all over. She slowly glances at Hiroaki , the guy who is very over protective about his acoustic guitar.
"Hirohito Kun, please do not backlash or hurt this guy." Kanako pleaded to him.
"Give us one good reason why he should not?" Hikaru his twin brother asked.
"You'll know soon" she responds to his question as Fumihiro's voice becomes more and more clear to them.
"You gave her your sweater! It's just polyester~~"
"But you like her better, I wish I was HEATHER~~~~" Goosebumps went all over Kanako's spine as Fumihiro hits the higher note.
"Wait...this voice... " Hikaru snaps as he sprints after an already running Hiroaki.
"GUYS?!?!?!" Kanako sprints to catch up with the guys.
*First person POV*
There was a loud bang as the door swung open. There I see a guy and his clone!? Realizing that his gaze went to me to shock to the guitar, I put down the guitar back to it's stand in a rush and walk over to apologize.
"AH! I AM SO SORRY I SHOULD'VE -" before I finish I feel a tight embrace around me , and feel the tears fall from his face on my cheeks. "I thought.... I lost you forever"
I furrow my brows as I look at him with a perplexed facial expression.

"Who are you?"

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