Fake City: Emma and Ivanna

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Two lovers - Ivanna and Emma are sentenced to death after being found out by the government, they escape, but can they stay that way?

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fake city series
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Chapter 1 - Death

“Death”... it makes my heart sink, the end of someones life, no matter if they are good, no matter if they are bad, they end up rotting six feet underground. Like a helpless hoglet being left in the middle of the night by its own mother. You’d think someone would wanna help but they just drive past listening to some hot hit song from the 80’s. No one really cares nowadays anyway, if you’re good you’re good and if you’re bad you’re bad.

All people know about me is that i’m different to them, as Emma says ‘We are the people who are not in the papers. We live in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gives us more freedom. We live in the gaps between the stories,’ and to that I will drink. Nobody knows about people like me, we used to rule the world, we were the highest and then one by one the government slowly took us away and made sure we were forgotten.

Erased from existence like some led on a piece of paper. Like an ex-lover you can’t bear to think about, thats what I am.

‘If we get arrested, it’s your fault’ Emma mutters, she really didn’t like the idea of going to get a beer in the city, but her curly red hair distracted me as she pulled her hood down, ‘you really don’t know who is looking for us, we could be in real danger Ivanna!’ she really does make me laugh ‘you still came out though, eh?’ I smile like an innocent child who just wet the bed, she gives me a stern but soft look in return. ‘You really have nothing to worry about E, its not like the police cheif is gonna pull up to some small side street bar, looking for us,’ I say while taking a sip of my rusty tasting beer, ‘I’m sure he has some very important work to do, like...’ I stutter, trying to find something amusing, to raise her spirits, ‘like the president.’

‘I was not expecting that anna, you really do think of the weirdest things sometimes’ she replies quick wittedly, ‘I suppose that means were weird though, eh anna?’ just at that moment, the bartender walks over, ‘you need to leave now, the police are coming, someone phoned in a tip to the cheif, they’ll be here any minute,’ Emma darts me a look as if to say I told you so, we walk out the back door into the alley leaving behind another safe place.

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