Fake City: Emma and Ivanna

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Chapter 2 - Escape

I don’t have a home, nor somewhere to go when I’m in danger. The only thing I trust is love and even that has hurt me before. I used to dream that I would have the perfect life in the outskirts of the city, with a cat and a lover. But it isn’t a dream - not anymore.

‘This is bad’ I came to the realisation that they have found us, and people like us were officially wiped out, Emma looks at me annoyed, and she has every right to be, ‘You said that already,’ Emma keeps looking around the corner of the alleyway trying to find the right time to run, ‘Well, it seems worth repeating,’

A sea of silence splashes over the two of us, I can see the pain in her eyes, I have hurt her. And I have no way of stitching the wound that I have created. ‘I’m...’ I can’t say it without the emotions inside me rising up, ‘What? What are you anna? Sorry? You really should be, look what you have done. You really should be more than sorry!’

‘I am sorry E! You know that if I wanted to, I would run to those officers and get myself arrested so that you can run! You know it!’ the emotions inside of me rushed out and slowly dripped off my chin, Emmas soft hand wipes away my tears as she leaves her post, ‘Do you think if I had the choice, I would do that to you? You are my world anna, I’m not ready to give up on you!’

Bandages come in many forms, cotton, plaster, but the one that helps you heal the most is love and care, thats what Emma brings to me and I to Emma.

‘We need to run, they’ve gone into the bar, they’re gonna come through the door’

Emma’s voice faded out as I started sprinting down the street with her hand in mine, the wind slapping and pushing me this way and that way, my blue flannel scarf half choking me and half flying in the wind behind me. Sirens blare, and I try to say silent as we hide in the darkness of our nightly terrors.

‘That...was...’ panting, trying to find the right words, who knew that this would bring me happiness and pride. ‘FANTASTIC’ Emmas smile beams, its as if this city was the core of our happiness.

Happiness, who knew?

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