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The Fairy House

Genre: No idea.
Written June of 2017

Sunlight danced on the water while a light breeze blew through the trees that surrounded her quiet place. She sat on her favorite lily pad, her soft black curls trailing down past her rich brown shoulders and her gossamer wings glistening int he sunlight. She spoke quietly to the koi and the little ladybug that had sat next to her. A perfectly ordinary day ahead of them, or so they thought. Not long after midday, the reeds began to rustle, and fearing it may be something sinister, the little fairy and her friends hid. They peered out from behind the cattails to get a glimpse at he intruder, their eyes widening at what they saw.

Out of the reeds stepped, not a sinister being, but a little girl. Her chesnut hair pulled back into two braids along her head, and her smile showing several missing teeth. Her big hazel eyes looked around in wonder at the beautiful natural pond she had found. “This place must be magic.” she whispered, sitting down on the bank and beginning to quietly play in the water, making soft ripples. After a moment more rustling came and out the the reeds popped a little black dog. The puppy wiggled excitedly, making the little girl smile, and she picked him up to let him lick her face. She giggled and kissed the puppy’s head before setting him down in her lap, where he promptly curled up and went to sleep.

Some time later a distant voice could be heard saying “Grace!” The little girl perked up at the sound of her mother’s voice and looked over her shoulder to the house, the roof of which was just visible over the top of the reeds. “Grace dear, it’s time for supper!” her mother called again, “You and Mo come on in now, and wash up!”

“Coming Mama!” Grace called, getting up from her place by the bank and patting her leg with a whistle to the little dog, “C’mon, Mo.” Mo ceased his chewing on a stick he had found and trotted happily after Grace. The fairy, who had been silently watching from the reeds, smiled as they went, wishing that they would come back.

The next day, her wish was granted.

Grace and Mo came back to the pond, this time with a small wheelbarrow full of various little objects. “Mama told me,” Grace said to Mo as she brought the wheelbarrow to a stop, “that faries live in places like this. So, we’re gonna build a fairy house like the ones they showed us in school.” Grace got down on her hands and knees in front of the little dog, “what do you think Mo?” The puppy bowed in excitement, spinning in circles as Grace knelt down next to the wheelbarrow, and placed his little paws on the side to watch what she was doing. Grace began to remove various items from the wheelbarrow; plaster, sticks, and small, colorful pebbles and beads.

The little fairy watched as, rock by rock and stick by stick, the little house and garden began to take shape. Grace had just placed the last stone in the walk way when her mother’s voice sounded, calling her in for supper. Smiling her missing toothed grin, she picked up little Mo, placed him in the now empty wheelbarrow, and set off for home.

The fairy fluttered above the reeds and watched them until they entered the house that sat just beyond the reeds. Once they had disappeared inside, the fairy fluttered down to the house that Grace had built. She smiled at the girls work. It was a quaint little cottage, and just her size. Though it could use some work. The little fairy made up her mind as she stood in the middle of the single room, that she would call this place her new home.

The next morning the little fairy got to work. She thatched the roof and packed the floor with mud and moss to make it soft. She fixed the door to swing, and with a little fairy dust, she sealed the cracks and the windows to keep the rain out. By the time she had moved her furniture in, it was dark and she laid down to rest.

From then on, the fairy watched for Grace and Mo. On sunny days she would see them walking the path to her pong, and spend they days watching them play. Sometimes they would bring friends, or Grace’s little brother; Tyler. However, usually, they would come alone. As days passed into weeks, and weeks into months, and months into years, the fairy watched as Grace and Mo grew. She shared their smiles and tears, and watched as Grace had her first kiss, her first heartbreak, and even as a wonderful young man got down on one knee. She listened to all of Grace’s troubles, fears, hopes, and dreams; occasionally providing silent answers with her magic. Even after she only came once in a while, an ever graying Mo in tow. Until one day Grace came alone, carrying a stone, and crying.

Silently, she knelt down near the little house that she had built all those years ago, and dug a shallow hole. She placed the stone, packing the soil around it so that it held firm. Once she had finished, Grace pulled her knees to her chest and began to cry, clutching a worn blue collar in her hands. Footsteps could be heard and the fairy looked to see Tyler come through the reeds. He sat down next to her, and held her as she cried shedding a few tears of his own until Grace’s sobs turned to quiet sniffles. When she had dried her tears, she leaned forward and placed her hand on the stone with a sad smile and said, “Be a good boy.” before allowing her brother to pull her to her feet, and going back to the house on the other side of the reeds.

Years passed and the fairy watched for Grace, only seeing her on occasion when the sun shone bright. Until one day, while the fairy sat quietly on a lily pad, watching the leaves dance in the trees. She looked up when she heard a rustling in the reeds. Quickly, she hid behind the cattails and watched with a joyful smile as a little girl with her chestnut hair tied back in two braids came out of the reeds. A little brown puppy tumbling after her. The little girl looked around in wonder, before looking over her shoulder at the woman with long chestnut waves flowing down her back.

“Mommy!” the little girl gasped, “This place must be magical!”

Grace smiled and took her daughter by the hand as the two of them sat down by the edge of the water. “Yes it is Emily.” she said, “Yes it is.”

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