Supernatural Facts

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In this book there is everything you need to know about the supernatural

Jayden Hewity
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Chapter 1


Vampires look like normal humans but with super speed, strength, agility and IQ. Some lucky ones have extra abilities. They can also choose whether or not they inject their venom.


Werewolves are wild and aggressive they have no control over their werewolf form unless they drink wolfbane potion then they can control their werewolf form but if they see a vampire they will automatically attack it and try to kill it.


An Animagus is a being who can transform at will into an animal, unlike Werewolves they have self control and look like normal humans. can transform whenever they like and can be any animal. They have super speed, strength, agility and I.Q they also can have extra abilities.


Ferals are vampires that are wild and more dangerous if they bite a human or vampire they will turn feral as well. They can not have abilities and can not choose when to inject their venom injects you and they are grey and rotting.

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