Let's cheer honesty .......

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So it's for the first time I am writing anything ... Just wrote what I observed in my 20 years of life so if there will be any grammatical error or any other kind of error accept my apologies in advance..... thank you 🖤

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Let's cheer honesty 🖤!!!

" People don't wanna know the truth they just wanna know what they can digest " .....

This may sound weird but it's true the "REAL REALITY" of the human psychology ..... If you just dare to tell them the "TRUTH" so man you are just knocking the wrong door ... At start they won't believe you ... How ?? Why ?? Really ??? No man ??? Shit ???? These are some stupid reactions you gonna bear !!!!!!!!! Then they work very hard to accept the "TRUTH" but they are having still some doubts in their box man.... man... man .... Let me clear you here box means brain .... But finally they are struggling to accept it though ....so let me appreciate them .... But just after accepting the "real reality" or "THE TRUTH" they are very ready to become CIA officer they will start inquiring you or we can say they start digging ....... Okay okay let's continue from the first quote I haven't copied it from anywhere... it's original and just came out from my stomach ... People don't wanna konw the what is "TRUE" because it's hard for them to accept it .... infact they can only see what they want to ..... because it mostly goes against of our EXPECTATIONS ... Our so called EXPECTATIONS that we start expecting from other humans ... So inshort , It's our EXPECTATIONS that hurt us not the "TRUTH" .... We have become so much inflexible that there is no adjustments for "TRUTH" ..... After observing this *REAL REALITY* of the so called human psychology....Unfortunately we LIE , yeah we LIE to make others happy . We start living with the only motive to make other humans feel happy and good . Most likely People start loving you if you tell them something in accordance with their expectations if not then rejection and being in isolation is the only option left for you... And you will be tagged with so many names dear like rude, mean and other names like these.. So , this fear keeps us thousand miles away from "HONESTY AND TRUTH" ... Being "HONEST" is not that much hard that we made it ... Yeah , we human made it hard ... People fear to be "HONEST" because they fear from being isolated .... We made them to live a life depending on "LIES" .... Everyone not everyone but almost everyone out there is broken .. cheated ... Because we made honesty a Alien thing .. something that is nearly impossible to be found in this world .... Being broken being cheated leads to depression anxiety ... Every 9 people out of 10 are depressed ... Which leads to drug addiction or may be puff suicide ..... Maybe the person writting this is depressed maybe the person reading this is depressed just because we are living in a world of fake expectations ... Let's break this rule ... Let's promote honesty .... let's start accepting what is true ........ Let's cheer honesty.... 🖤

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