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The following of the various people in the swadlwich asylum and how they got there. At swadlwich, there are several main characters. Right now, the main characters are Mikey and Nurse Ilgarde. Mikey is a young teenager who suffers from depression, anxiety, and inconsistent eating behavior. Nurse Ilgarde, is one of the nurses at the asylum who fit in a bit too well to the environment where she works. She is like an annoying older sister to Mikey.

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The universe is a neutral place, full of floating mass. In my universe, there are many who just float through life. Just like the planets. However, some people are more like stars. They shine bright and lighten everyone’s day. Little rays of sunshine that bring joy to the people around them, until they realize that they are one in a million years and all the other stars are miles away. Then they just become dim and slowly burn out until all you have is a black hole. Others are like meteors they crash into the things around them and just destroy what’s around them because they have no purpose. The universe... What kind of person am I? Well, sometimes I feel like a planet, other times I feel like a star. But most of the time, I just feel empty. Maybe I am the universe. A empty space that’s full of floating mass. Anyway, recently I was taken somewhere...difficult. A kind of hospital. Hospitals are a playground for life and death. One moment a child is born, the next moment someone is dead. Well, the hospital I’m in isn’t for life or death, it’s for the in-between. You know what happens if you experience death early. Some call it mental illness, others call it a psychological disorder. Patients here constantly fight with the part of them that died. The undead inhabitants of the asylum. I’m here because my heart died so my brain has to work twice as hard to get it to “liven up”. It causes me to have extreme depression and anxiety, but I guess I should be happy that I’m still least that’s what the nurses say.

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