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Chapter 8

Saudah's pov

Going home after school was one of my favourite but this time it sounds awkward and scary thank god my so called hajiya is asleep and baffa is not yet back from work with that I decided to take a quick shower ,to free my mind from non challant thinking but something caught my attention hmm what are this twins up to,let me put it clear so I eavesdropped about what they are so engrossed on charting about ,they were talking in hausa.

Ishaa:hawy bana gayama ki idan muka hada mayonnaise olive nata nagashi da Bama zamu hada weeping cream na cake din damuka gani a arewa 24 .

Hawy:ehh mana kuma yayi amma kalan badayabane kawai munyi kokariπŸ˜‚.

Saudah:😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒kutt malesiii!

At first I was like 😳😳😳😱😱😱😱ohh my God !!!!I pinch my self to make it clear am i day dreaming ouch, but what a big hell no ,this serious ! of all product I love using olive products they seem the best to me not even the oriflame product shittu is dieing for hmm🀨🀨🀨🀨whot kannai say hands on akimbo ,it took me a minute to make my presence noticed ,i can't even touch them or lay purnishment umma will surely deal with me this time my wedding will be in two months time,so I asked again to make it clear, what did you just say ,they snapped out at once anty Mimi it's hawy not me they were both playing with my attention I was far too angry over the moon πŸŒ’ this time if the sky will open up once I will be glad to be there alone nobody to disturbed my peace I sent them my malevolent glare with that furry I stormed out of their room 😑😑too annoying,2minutes was too enough for me to reach my room wonders 😯can't even imagine the concussions they've mixed ,arghh am so tired ,first of all, take off my hijab it's too hot then my shoes.

In 30minutes time am done ,finally to the shower wow that sounds refreshing letting the water make it way, 15minutes was more than enough for me to be fully dressed into a tank T top with a pallazu trouser only the ladies can relate,made my self comfortable over the couch ,plug my earphone to my phone and listen to my favourite music by Arjit Singh (Baarish)it sounds weird but I love indian songs more than my so called niger songs that sounds awkward πŸ€—πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜Œthat reminds me of missy she lay complains all the time, she's always sleepy whenever it's been played on speaker but what they are calming.better than their yoruba music 🎡


Chehre mein tere

In your face

Khudko main dhunbu

I search for myself

Aankhon ke darmiyaan

You are in my eyes

Tu abhai is Tarah

In such away that

Khwaabon ko bhi jaga na miley

Even my dreams don't find a space in them

Ye mausam ki baarish

This season rains

Ye baarish ka pani

The water of this rain

Tujhe hi toh dhoonde

Are searching only for you

Ye milne ki khwaish

This desire to meet you

Ye khwaish purani

Is an old-age desire

Ho poori tujse

Only you can

Meri ye kahaani

Complete my love story😍

Din din din din din .

Saudah:Heaved a sign of relieve ,sounds better,so engrossed enjoying my music ,heard the door knob been twisted open,looked up to see those intruding hmm the twins πŸ‘― what are they up to ,my eyes were too blurry,both on their knees

Isha-hawy:anty mimi we are so sorry forgive us please .

Saudah :blinked my eyes twice okay don't do such things again ,get up you've been forgiven .

Isha-hawy:they both giggled,thank you Anty ........😁😁😁mu gudu (lets run).

Saudah:knowing clearly were they are heading to laughter escape its way and allow the sleep over take me 😴😴😴😴😴 to the faraway land .


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