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Chapter 1

14th June 2019.


School .

Hmm shittu am really stressed out I don't think am going to make it ,everything seems so though,difficult,and so fucking unbearable, you know I hate practicals they do weak me out , can't resist , it's too much .

Shittu: chuckled, hea lazy brat you need to come out of your senses seriously and kicked the ass out of your head ,your complain is becoming too much this days, missy ,hafsy try to talk some sense to this brat or should I say lazy , boring friend ,they bought chuckled .And continue their reporting . Hmm saudah umm shittu what's up you've been groaning for the past hours now whats wrong with you .

Hmm u know biochemistry seems to be very boring a times not helping ,someway or the other it sounds interesting hhhh ,those enzymes seems to be far too sweet to sing with ,can't even imagine an enzymes name reductase hhhh laugh out loud and those pathway mr .Timothy is seriously going to make a soup out of us during his test , hea miss go to the main point stop beating around the bush ,hmm I was thinking of writing a novel named saudah

What do you guys think.

Missy :hafsy I think your friend here is seriously possessed with this Wattpad story ,too much she's giving more interest towards wattpad novels than her career ,saudah umm you seriously need to be delivered honestly speaking they both laughed

Saudat: hea missy that's not fair seriously you broke my heart 💔 ohh omg can't take it refrain your statement ,you want me to be the devoty of Biochemistry which is so fucken not going to happen I do love my career ,seriously am stuck up but I promise not to let you guys down pertaining my studies I want it seriously been a science student isn't all about knowing the chemistry, biology or knowing all those aljanu names you called very important ,urghhh sometimes I feel like swallowing that professor or whatever who invented all this pathway.hmm .

Hafsy:saudah (kawata)I know writing a book been a science is not easy baby girl , Biko try any other idea ok.we all promise to support you and encourage you though you always try to put more effort on your studies and alhmdlh you are among the best .

Saudah:I do need to take a nap , am serious I want to write a book Tittle saudah ,let's just finished this reporting then we talk

Shittu:I see no problem in she wanting to write this book,actually it's a very good idea seriously

All the best ,am seriously starving let's be fast girls hmmm but it actually not going to be easy I hope you know.

Saudah:yeah beb but seriously I want to write books ,apart from studying during leisure times and thank you shittu baby for the support ,hafsy muah, and you chop chop baby missy ewww I promise to smack you before going hhhhh am done it time let's go submit before 10 marks been deducted from our so called Boronza ,hhhh he waits for no minute to say bring your report book minus 10 hhhh but that sounds sweet seriously it far too fun.

Girls let get going it's time .

30 minutes later hah am so happy we made the report this week end gonna be fun ,am going to rock it since there is no report nor presentation am totally freeeeeee

Yeah sure we are free let wait for what next holds for us hun ,let's go get something to eat before I collapse said shittu hhhh we both laughed.

Ding ding ding ding hea guys my phone is ringing ,orgghhh this girl is too much your phone is more better than your hunger hhh wait a second I think it's umma .

Saudah:hlo umma ina wuni (good afternoon)

Umma: afternoon mimi are u done.

Saudah :yes umma am done on my way right now dit dit call ended .

Hea guys I think I need to get going it's urgent sorry can't make it to mama Aisha's kitchen but some other time bye girls love you guys a lot excluding missy hate you with passion hhh.

Missy: love u with passion girl hhh, they both chuckled at once k c yah bye.

Hhhhhhhhh 😉😉😉Dong Dong ding my nervousness someway is reducing but it still not gone completely 😘love u all pls vote like ,comment,point out corrections where needed 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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