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Chapter 11

Safwaan's pov

Lieing flat over the couch making promises to find my past ,this time hoping no obstacles come my way ,even if I seem to be unsuccessful daddy must speak up this time around ,coming here was a really good idea ,so far I can free myself from the clutches of ummu uwais she's too much she can move to any extent ,ladies nowadays are too much to understand, whenever a guy seems very good looking ,coming from a rich background then that's all for you they glue themselves forgetting to remember their self as been gems 💎 that has to be respected by any man. Badariyya my foot 🦶 don't love this girl right from the start she's so clinging just like her mom ,thank god Daddy didn't by the idea of me getting married to that bitch

Hmm let me just focus on my aim this time willing not to fail.

Aha let me check on Anwaar ,it's been long but he once made mention of his family living at kaduna hope he can be of help.

Anwaar the younger brother to khairu,belonging to the family of two ,a small loving ,caring family ,wow their mom seems to be like half cast but unluckily for them both the two brothers look more exactly to their father ,only some features of their mom appearing .owning a business shares with daddy they seem to be very good friends for the past few years while am still studying abroad with anwaar things kept moving smoothly between the two families.

Knock knock knock I was brought back to my senses when the knocks on the door becomes too hard .

Mummy: safwy❤️ are you okay ,how's your health ,come downstairs you need to have something to eat ,tomorrow is going to be a very long day for you ,you starting to work tomorrow inshaallah at the new company.

Your daddy has been trying to build on your name , I know it's sounds awkward but I choose to be the fast to inform you and luckily your daddy agrees to it despite knowing you don't want it ,but yes keep this in mind if anything happens to him god forbid you are his successor everything is under your custody so safwy ❤️ are you in or you still not ready .

Safwaan: yes mom am 💯💯✔️✔️okay hmm I don't want to work in daddy's new company I prefer to work at a difference place for my own sweat,daddy has really tried a lot in trying to make our lives into a good living if this his only wish then am in for it who knows whether it can lead me to my destination thought to myself.

Mummy: hmm safwy❤️ you don't like the offer?

Safwaan : no mummy I do really love it mummy I was too over excited ,thinking of how to show gratitude towards daddy indeed am lucky to have a nice caring father just like him.

Mummy : 🤨🤨young man what do you mean he alone ,that's sounds so unfair,you love your daddy more than your poor looking mom ,the empress of safana's kingdom not fair you ungrateful dummy.

Safwaan: no mummy who am I ,not to love the most beautiful,loving ,adoring ,shining ,shimmering looking mummy of mine the empress of safana's kingdom from the faraway land ooopppss i think I have to go before making any other scene really .

Mummy : faraway land what did you just say ?

Safwaan: oops e...r...::r...o ...r .

Mummy : comeback here where are you running to .

Safwaan: to have something to eat see yah .

Mummy : safwy❤️ is too naughty, years ago had I lost him I don't know ☹️would I be able to get out of the trauma hmmmm Ruhi is really a very strong man indeed,pray to lord to always keep my family happy and cast the evil eyes away .

Hahh feeling much better ,I stormed out of the room hearing Rukky's voice on top what could it be , my little princess is just too much but she's just so difficult to resist.

Hea princy❣️ what's happening?

Rukky : mummy you need to see my baby dolls they are so so so so can't explain my breathing is just so unstable ya safwaan muah thank you for keeping to your promise .

Hmm that fucking ibty brat you are 🤨in hah for trying to be like me ,the most beautiful,pretty, cute , stunning ,gorgeous beauty I Rukky Abubakar safana 😎😎😎

Mummy: princy❣️ not fair don't do such things to your friends at least share some to your friends it's too much .don't you know who soever shares what he has with his loved ones a huge reward is been written .

Rukky : hun un 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ no way !!!!!ya safwaan nightie 💋 catch ,ihsy nightie 😘, mummy bye😱😱.

Safwaan: ahh let me catch ,ohh gotch yah thank you princy muah.

Ihsaan:nightie drama queen,🤪🤪am also tired let me also take a nap bye mummy ,bye ya safwaan.

Safwaan: bye favouraty💛 sleep tight .

Mummy : bye ihsy 🧡,I think your daddy should be on his way by now ,also taking a leave.

Safwaan : nightie mummy.

Mummy: nightie safwy ❤️.

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