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Chapter 12

Saudah's pov

What could it be that made umma looked so very disturbed at a moment,clearly remember when she uttered getting money ,hhhh money monger ,taga kudi ganin idonta on a clear note I think she loves money so much that she can lay someone's life,may the lord continue to increase our taqwaa ameen .

I bring out my small secret box from my drawer,recalling every moment with my loved ones hhhh that's sounds comforting ,then my attention plastered on the two rose petals given to me by my so called soulmate ,am so upset with you ,hmm how does he even look like? Is he tall, short , slim, fat? I know he must be good looking ,hmmm this how fate have design my journey ,those memory keep running just like a bar beach moving with the attention of a wave ,I clearly remember those times,when I was at jss3 my classmates always make complains of my elder brother his too handsome,they sometime wished he was their elder brother ,remembered when Fati said she love him a lot ,I was far too angry 😑😑😑how could she uttered those three words to my soulmate ,surely if not she's my classmate would have give her the beating of her life so I let her escape with that,ahh this vanilla package ,that clearly reminds me after school hour their is a icecream shop very close to our school,I don't care how many times I've waited so patiently for my soulmate to be their ,god knows he always save his pocket money been given by his baffa just for us to have icecream together ,am a fan of ice creams for sure πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―, the man at the icecream shop recognised us as his regular customers,sometimes he keeps two separate icecream package aside ,whenever there are too much customers, just for the two of us,sometimes ib❀️ might come along and sometimes we alone ,that was too fun,I remembered that time when we both snick out from school for just ilokan mama larai, I love that thing especially when it's to hard to chew like seriously but the reverse was the case ,that wicked mr yunusa saw us while snicking out , and it was a terrible purnishment for the both of us he been the senior and me been the junior,he did defend me that day by giving silly excuses and he got the punishment all by himself , he been punished didn't shed even a single tears ,compare to me hmm Different sort of cryings was displayed , still on the same day after we went to the man's icecream shop to do our normal routines, that day he gave us the icecream for free,both of us take those icecream with too much enthusiast ,as for me those icecream were just the best I hate strawberry flavor but for soulmate he loves strawberry flavor, me been a fan of vanilla flavor will condemn the strawberry flavor till we are done taking our ice creams , that also clearly reminds the first day he said I should call him soulmate I was like why should I call you that yaya ....he caught me out quickly soulmate, hmm this too annoying wallah,then I asked why should I call you that ,he answered wawiya am your saurayi I was like kai 😳😳 I must report you to umma, she said whosoever say such things to me his going to spoil her princess wallah emhh I must tell her kwarankwasa ,knowing clearly what umma is capable of doing ,he started apologizing,I thought to my self kozai daina siyamin icecream neh,let me just agree kawai,haba baby umma,farin cikin umma,then I pouted back haba saurayina in total shock he chuckled naughty girl ,then I asked what's naughty he said you are still a kid ,I was like am 13 am a grown up girl now ,he teased ohhh is it ,okay come here,I moved closer what then he turned his cheek to the other side then uttered peck my cheek, that what grown up girls do to their saurayi,I was like no way , am not doing that ,then he said karamar yarinya ,I was too much in anger so I peck his cheek unknowingly,he turned to look at me and said naughty girl 😌😌I was like hmm am grown up ,why? Because fati from our class have 10 boyfriends in particular so this a full prove for sure we kept arguing until we both left the icecream shop,sometimes he drop me home and sometimes on my own ,our bond kept growing , and we both were very happy ,and for our parents the bond kept growing, thank god every moment is been written down on my secret diary πŸ™‚πŸ™‚someday in future our kids should be well aware of it our love story hhhhhhh that's sounds weird , tears were falling down I didn't make the urge to stop them let them flow ,I feel a big lump urge to stop the tears before someone sees me ,while wiping off the tears something caught my attention Hajiya Fatima been called mamy F she's far too stylish , sweet may her soul rest in peace amin ,an elder sister to umma but she's far too different from umma when she was alive I was more than a princess but a week to that incident my world started turning upside she gifted this necklace to me with the letter F , on the day before the incident but I can't seem to remember our conversions with mamy F due to the shock about the incident .

Mimi someone called out aloud umm that's sounds like Baffa's voice,he calling out loud means something good has happened ,draped my hair with a pink lenthy veil in a minute am out .

Saudah: yes baffa you call for me.

Baffa: my cousin is back from katsina ,I think you will be very happy to meet them.

Saudah:ohh why?okay when ?

Baffa:tomorrow by 2pm

Saudah:baffa on Thursday's we normally stay at lab from 10am to 6pm so I think can't really make it tomorrow but some other day inshaallah.

Baffa:okay my dear it's okay some other time, where's your umma?

Saudah:at her room

Baffa: okay let me check up on her and please mimi be careful with the kind of boys you got yourself attach to ,in other to fulfill your promise okay.

Saudah: inshaallah baffa thank you .

Baffa: okay let me meet her upstairs .


With that he left for umma's room god knows what's happening with her since her last encounter with the mr private on phone .god knows hope all is well ameen.

I check the time it's 7:30 already,went back to my room to pray magrib prayer I don't have appetite to take anything for I lock my door room pretending to be sleeping whereas thinking about when our souls are going to meet,when is the promises going to be fulfilled,thought to myself may be you are the only one thinking about all this childish stuffs may be he has long forgotten you exist just forget about him and pray to the lord to help you on all steps you take ,Amin with that I place my head on the pillow ,just to hear the azan calling prayer ,I woke up at once may be ishaa time,but when I check the wristwatch it was 5:00am ,orgh never know I slept so much .

With that I stormed to the bathroom to perform ablution and do the normal routine,after saying salaam and the azkaar I went back to take a shower finally getting ready for school.


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