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Chapter 17

Safwaan's pov :orgh can't believe am getting married in the next 1 month ,this is too much but something sounds strange I couldn't protest against the marriage when Daddy made it clear to me hmm sometimes things happened the way they are destined to happen I hope for the best amin though he's my dad I trust him completely.

What to do poor thing I've start developing a like towards that tigress but faith doesn't want us to be together πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ hmmm ohh how could this slip out of my mind that photograph yes may be it might be of some help,where did I dropped it argh this becoming hectic running my hand through my hair.

Ahhh yes below the cupboard,their it is ,on opening this I saw the same picture I saw at daddy's diary few years when I asked he muted the question without giving any answer,ohhh god my heart skips now more and more I want to know the truth about her who is she,it sounds as if I've known her for long who is she ?only daddy know the answers to my questions I want to know the truth today itself.

Saudah's pov

I've slept too much 5:30😳😳ohh my god am becoming too lazy this days and exams is fast approaching not okay at all I have to wake up but am also tired deep within my thoughts hawy interrupted me.

Hawy : baffa is calling you anty mimi.

Saudah : okay tell him am coming.

Hawy : okay.

Saudah : hope all is well hmm.

I slipped into my purple long hijab after coming out from the toilet and went downstairs as fast as I could .

On reaching downstairs I was asked to sit by baffa.

Baffa: ahh I have no time to waste I've fixed your marriage in one month hope there won't be any complain from you is that clear .

Saudah: ye.........sss baffa.

Umma: finally my grandkids are coming masha Allah you can go.

Saudah: okay

Baffa: let me get going magrib time is passing may the lord continue to bless you mimi thank you for trusting me as a father and respecting my decision you can go.

Saudah: Amin baffa

So I took my leave ,couldn't cry,shout ,all was of no avail, I was like a statue with no focus,I was hurt a lot but I couldn't protest everything seems to be moving very fast . Deep within my thought umma called me to her room and I answered with an okay,shedding tears will give a sign of me against the decision,I was glad the decision was made by baffa not umma hahhh so I let it sway like hoping someday it's might be a dream πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”broken was way too small to describe at a moment I felt my dreams were shattered πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”ohh saudah what more πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”I just need to be strong,I needed a shoulder to lay my head and pour all worries and sadness passing through me hahh i missed ib❀️ alot lost in my thought I've forgotten umma has called me for the second time alerted I stood up defeated to meet her.

Umma: mimi I know am been very mean to you for all these years forgive me and let bygone be bygone okay.deep within I need to win your trust for me to execute my plan foolish girl hmm.

Saudah: no umma don't apologize you are elder to me I've forgiven you long time back.

Umma: bless you but I have something to gift you here take this red Attire it's yours now handle it with care.

Saudah: thank you umma i promise to take care of it for the rest of my life deep within I've seen this attire exactly somewhere but where still sitted beside her her phone beep i was close enough to see who's calling, I was curious to know this mr private calling her so she ordered you may leave now I answered with an okay and I took my leave l know eavesdropping isn't good but there is something am curious about him so l left but i didn't close the door so I stood there just like a chewgum to hear all the conversation for myself.unknowingly to her I listened each and every arguement exchange between the two but something is bothering she's evil she can kill with no regret arghh I still need to find out what's her plan and this red attire now I recalled it belongs to Mam F ohh lord is she behind the death of those two couples ohhh no but why am I recalling this incident now 😭😭😭😭why I saw her back with this attire with close face putting a mask.

Should I speak to baffa about everything now I recalled everything from that incident when he's back or when umma is out I will speak to him but i have to find out is she the one who separated me from my loved ones more especially safwan 😭😭😭did he survive the bullet why now,is he dead or alive ya Allah tears kept flowing am restless,scared I want answers.

Umma: verysoon you will join the others πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚foolish girl.

Sistur: hea what's up are you okay

Saudah: yes

Sistur: ohhh wow this attire belongs to mam F umma took it from her saying she want it .

Saudah: how did you know

Umma: told me that is not hers but Mam F

Saudah: okay will it fit on me 😌

Sistur: yes What are you saying chill babe I heard your wedding is been fixed congratulations sis.

Saudah: thank you sis.

With a fake smile 😊

Sistur: okay let me pray later.

Saudah: deep within it was confirmed 18years ago umma was behind the incident 😭😭😭.

I must take revenge for the life's she murdered ,she has to be purnished 😭😭😭.but before then I want an answer to one particular question is umma my real mom or my foster mom.

Deep within my thought a message beep wow from ib❀️its say hea beb I missed you like gari and sugar,I heard your marriage is been fixed don't think twice it for the best by now it time you own your freedom don't think twice,I might not be close to you for now ,but your well being is been inquired keep praying love you from your loving brother ib❀️ with that the message was ended.


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