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Chapter 18

The Truth

safwan :After my encounter with daddy about the photo I was touched with what happened 18years all those memories of me and saudah was like a fresh page,all these years these pictures where kept away from me just for my well-being am just so lucky to have a parent like mine but something is for sure am not getting married to any girl accept for my childhood love, tears beeming I want to see her I do recall I was shot in front of her as she was crying yelling help,don't kill him soulmate wake up,I couldn't move as everything seems very blur, mam F was murdered together with her husband Alhaji mahmood safana the richest man who happens to be Baffa's younger brother Mam F was a sister to Alhaji ibraheem saudah's baffa,I wanted telling daddy but what I dont know the woman in the red attire only she can tell,orgg I want to see her is she okay,am mean all these years I didnt try to look for her is she married hell no we promised each other to be together faith please dont do us apart,I missed her,been in coma for a year was what surprise me, alot has happened without me knowing but this time I have to make it,make things right and bring my happiness back I want her 💔💔💔💔💔💔.

Saudah:weeks,days,exams over now am focused on my wedding with the stranger and today itself am asking baffa these one question bothering me.14days to be the bride am been taken care especially my skin,umma keeps pretending to be very happy which I clearly know she's lieing but what even I saudah am far too cunning just like how she was talking to mr private on giving a gift on my wedding day so be it she too must get a gift and something did shock me she's planning my wedding with a stranger without abba knowing.

This woman is cunning,assalamu alaikum I think Abba is back good time as it is umma is out for somework may be with her so called mr.private she's greedy for money one thing bad about her am keeping a close watch on her so it's now or never.

2 minutes was too much for me to be at Baffa's door step hahh breath in breath out now am ready.

Assalamu alaikum

Baffa:waalaikumus salam amarya come in my damsel.

Saudah:I answered with an okay and a fake smile.

Baffa:my amarya is here come sit here.

Saudah:thank you baffa.

Baffa:so what's the sudden visit amarsu.

Saudah:I have a question baffa but I don't know how you will take the question don't take me wrong baffa.

Baffa: for a minute my heart was beating I hope she doesn't suspect umma the wicked woman who murdered her family just to be rich ,I hope she's not asking something of such ohhh ya Allah is like she did remember .everything is for the best she's starting a new-life after attension was cut when she uttered baffa,I answered with a yes go on damsel.

Saudah:baffa is umma really my biological mom.

Baffa: who told you she's not mimi.

Saudah :😭😭please tell me the truth I want answers to some questions please baffa.

Baffa:innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiuun.

Mimi she's not your biological mom.

Saudah :😭😭😭why me,where is my umma baffa where 😭😭😭I want to meet her baffa for once 😭😭😭😭new tears keep flowing with a please.

Baffa:they are no more,both of them mimi,am your mother's elder brother,mimi mam F is your biological mother who died from the incident please forgive us mimi the woman you considered your aunt is your biological mother.

Saudah:for a minute I was numb it was too much to bear,my heart seems to explode god this is too much why was l separated from her baffa why?

Baffa:okay 18years sgo your mother Fatima gave birth to you with your father Alhaji mahmood the richest man ever who belong to the safana family.your mother gave birth to you with no problems but something was discovered after your birth she was discovered to have breast cancer and she's not keeping well so umma been her childhood friend agreed to her offer with out thinking twice because she believes even if she couldn't make it in life you are in a safer hands so months ,years days she was recovering coming back to her normal self but to us we never know umma was after the greed for the wealth written in your name ,been the daughter of the only richest man all his property was transferred to your name you are the owner ,so things kept moving okay with no problem and she keeps showing love and affection towards you so when you are thirteen Fatima told me she's going abroad for her check up so she pleaded togo with you along but you are sturborn,you kept calling her aunty not mother she pleaded but you never did,so she said two icecreams for uttering hhhhhh and that time you call her mom for what seems to be hundred time.

With that you got packed up together with your belongings to Dubai for her check up together with safwaan since you kept insisting.but something did happened but you have a trauma that made you forget everything.

Saudah:😭😭😭baffa I did remember everything 😭😭😭😭she did everything just for money she killed my mother 😭😭😭she's a murderer Baffa 😭😭😭I want justice.

Baffa:mimi you did remember yes let's go to the police station we've been waiting for this day, so let's go wipe your tears you need to clear your past before you start a new life my dear let's go but wait let me call Alhaji Abubakar safwan's father.

Saudah: is he alive?

Baffa :😊he's alive amarya let's go.

With that we left for the police station together with baffa but on reaching their we stop close to a man of aged same to my baffa and a young man beside him.they exchange pleasantries I also pay my respects towards the man I don't seem to recognise him he uttered our bride,I feigned a fake smile but yes I was curious to know who my groom could be despite all the pain am going through.

On raising my head our eyes met each other,wait he was the guy I slapped from the mall ohh no he's my groom 😮😮😮ya Allah am finished saf.....wan I stammered he only flash me a smile with a smirk on his face.After all their greetings we went inside the police stations then I began to narrate the story.

On that freshly morning on Saturday after all our belongings have been packed on our way to the airport we were attacked by four men and a lady ,the lady seems to be the leader ,she gave them commands by twisting her hands for them to understand what she's saying then mam F husband was shot right in front of us we were all crying yelling for help but of no avail,safwan tried to be of help that was when I heard those gun shots beside his chest,I screamed,cried out before the lady ordered kill her together with this woman,my world seems very blur all I could see was darkness then finally the last gun shot was shot to the woman been my biological mother but the lady was putting a red attire on that very day and this was the attire given to me by my foster mother umma she is the woman who murdered my parent and attempt to kill me just because 68 billion was transferred to me that was the main reason she didn't get me murdered because she believes am an asset to her,so she took the trouble of taking care of me,so that she could get me murdered on my wedding day as a gift 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.no body spoke a word to me as all of them was shocked about my story and also her encounter with mr.private who seems to be helping her .

The officer 👮‍♀️ mr.Nnamdi asked for more proves to my utmost surprise a laptop was brought by baffa and all umma's calls,discussions where all recorded.

After all those evidence umma was found to be the woman 18years ago ,she was found guilty but what they know she's very smart so before the wedding she must be arrested stated mr.Nnamdi he smile and uttered it time for her to pay for her deeds 😊😊.


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