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Chapter 2

Saudah 's pov

Hahhh alhmdlh I've reached home safely all praises be to Allah was stressful but interesting ,don't know whether they normally used concussion on me that drains my strength seriously 😒 😒😒 am exhausted .wonder !!!!!my mom can be so funny a times seriously over dramatic sincerely speaking imagine she called me ,just to make me come get her glasses , she acts like been the empress from another kingdom of unknown destination but one thing is for sure she's the best mom ever.hhhh sometimes I do imagine missing her every second when am away ,but whenever am close to her the story always change hhhh but cute whenever she's displaying her morning routines she's far too over dramatic ,ib yusouf normally say our mom is far too way better in making a drama out of the little thing slice mistake it becomes something big hhhh.

Hmmmm hah time has really passed I thought to my self .so many issues hmm sometimes it sounds so very unbearable,the burden is just too much wallah but I hope for the best,hah saudah take a deep breath all is going be fine by gods grace inshaallah.i mutted

Anty saudah my attention was caught when the twins yelling my name in high volume,They normally do that sometimes to pissed me up but am used to their behavior it makes them look so very cute ,when they do that ,am much less of talking too much ,I really don't like too much audience ,they frick me out 😱😱😱😱it might sounds funny but that's the fact I love quiet places ,I believe I get peace of mind over their since my problems are too much far way for me to take.

Twins hawy ,isha what's up umma is calling come quickly okay ,everything okay right ,they shook their heads with the we don't know look , I smiled let's go my thought drifted from what my mind was thinking.

5 minutes later here we go don't know what she's going ask for this time ,sometimes she acts too over dramatic .saudah be serious hmm hahhh

Saudah :Assalamu Alaikum.

Umma you sent for me ?

Umma: yes waalaikumussalam mimi,ahhh myfriend just called me hajiya Aisha adnan's mom she said Nafeesa is put to bed and alhmdlh she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy ,since you refuse to bring a suitor ,we are tired of seeing your face we want to see our grand kids before kicking the bucket ,but you don't seem to understand any of our complain hmm make me tuwon shinkafa and miyan taushe before Baffa arrives and convey my message to him where am going ,like father like daughter,he keeps backing you up that’s why you don't pay heed to my advice and tantrums,natafi (am going)any mistake ,you know me right am going to peel the beans out of you...

Saudah:ahhh it really hurt but can't say anything after all she's my mother , can't say anything bad about her she want the best out of me but it hurts ,I know I need to be strong but it's becoming too much . Am so engrossed in my thought when sistur tab me saudah ohh Maryam the time is passing be fast before Baffa comes back.ahh okay sure thank sistur .

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