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Chapter 3

Saudah's POV

Saudah: deep within my thought hahh saudah get hold of your self ,everything is going to be fine ,just don't lose hope,keep praying .

Cooking seems to be apart of me in one way or the other,nobody will try to disturbed if not umma.

Thinking of what to start with (Tuwo or taushe soup)which one first.5minutes later hah doing two at a time,that a very good idea,turned the gas on ,since the gas consist of two side it make's my job much easier.while the pot where both on fire waiting for both the pot to parboiled I decided to cut the vegetables and pound the groundnut ,to make it much easier.

30minutes later the aroma of the taushe soup was everywhere, My full attention was on what I was preparing 😉any mistake ,I know am a dead meat .

My attention was distracted when someone tab me by the shoulder , hah you scared me ib❤️what's that for .

Ib yousouf: hhhhhhh scary cat can't a brother make a joke out of his darling sister ,you know it sweets me whenever I see this scary expression plastered on this cute ,chubby face of your's sis.

Saudah: hmm!!! hands on akimbo ib❤️ you know I hate such scary jokes ,and mind you what if am adding salt when you decide to play your scary games.

Ib yousouf :😂😂😂😂it would have been so much fun to see how umma is really going to peel the beans out of you.

Saudah:not fair ib❤️ am not joking 😔😔😔😔😔

Ib yousouf:ohh sorry Beb ,one second my phone is beeping ,I need to go Ibrahim is waiting for me outside finish up what you are cooking and don't give space for tantrums when umma is back okay see yah bye.

Saudah:love you ,bye.

Hhhh ib❤️ is far too much seriously though he's elder to me but he's adoring, all thanks to the lord for gifting me a nice ,luvly bro like thing special about him he's always unique yeah I love the way he composed himself,and the way he always stand up against umma when throwing her so called tantrums.

20minutes later everything was well prepared,make my way to the dinning table to set up the arrangement .

Just in time the gate was opened it seems like baffa is back,by mere listening to the horn of his car I can predict this Baffa's car,everything was set accordingly as per orders ,thank god.

Baffa :Assalamu Alaikum

Saudah: waalaikum ssalam Baffa sannu dazuwa (welcome back)

Baffa :Mimi bring me some water am seriously tasty don't waste so much Time.

Saudah:okay baffa, just give me a second.

Baffa:hahhh yar albarka May the lord continue to bless you.

Saudah:Amen thumma amin baffa,your food is ready.

Baffa:no keep it later ,will have it am not hungry ,where's your umma?

Saudah:she went to mama Aisha's house her daughter was put to bed.

Baffa:masha Allah,May Allah bless the child and May he become hafeez of the holy book Ameen. Mimi you can leave now have some rest you look tired.

Saudah:ameen baffa,then I rose from my kneeling position and move straight to my room since that the only space for me to be alone,have some peace of mind before drifting to my unknown land of thought.

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