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Chapter 4

Ohhh finally back to my room,throwing my self off to bed it's sound calming really ,that feeling when all your burden seem to be lifted, hah ohhh seriously can't recall where I dropped my phone ,where could it be hmmm ohhh ya Allah now am gonna get a tough time while remembering,sometimes I just can't understand myself whenever am too tired, it seems very difficult to recall where my day to day stuffs are been kept, urghh this tiring wallah .20 minutes passed by still twirling over the bed ,no positive results towards remembering where I dropped the phone urghh May be I need deliverance honestly speaking 😑😑😑

Sistur : hea sis you left your phone at the kitchen while cooking, you seem to dropped your phone anywhere be careful for it not to slip down ,slice mistake you know how iPhones do normally behaved when tempered be careful 😜😜😜am sure you are going to spend 79yrs😂😂before getting a new one .

Saudah: madam if you are done given lectures then fleee from here am tired of listening to your lessons hmmm your mouth doesn't keep short a times when needed .

Sistur:okay fine I pray umma comes back wallah so that more shows will be played bye.

Saudah:arghh I know this what she want I don't know what kind of joy she normally derived when umma yelled at me , she's such an ungrateful spoilt brat ,hmm better!! she left if not it won't take a minute to smack this brat before leaving with her puffy eyeballs .

Ohh here I go unlocking my favourite iphone 11 pro ,omg 😳😳😳😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🙃🙃20 notifications on Wattpad,100 messages on WhatsApp,and 124 messages from instagram this is serious just some hours ago ,quickly logging to see those beautiful faces leaving messages 45minutes am done ,not the charting type so I ignore some messages and move into the bathroom to take a shower I do need that yea really🛁. 20minutes am out Though it's a quick shower ,as this is passed five ummah is on her way back home. don't know what she's actually going to say this time when she's back I thought to my self but am scared seriously atimes I do feel if she is really the umma I've known to be my mom years back ,i missed those days wallah !!!!when I was been pampered as a princess but now only Abba ,ib❤️ do show that love .it sounds devastating. Sometimes I feel like using a remote control to bring back those memories,my childhood memory with my soul mate safwan.let the tears dropped bit by bit to my heart content , whenever I let the tears flow I feel a burden is been lifted ,ahh gathered myself back to the toilet to wash my face , perform wudh since this pass 6 magrib prayer will soon be called .

Assalamu alaikum , Assalamu Alaikum Assalamu Alaikum hmm this children are playing with me I need to teach them some lesson.on hearing that I know umma is back ,hope all is well her fuming in anger seems to be something serious,ohh lord please save me from my mom wraths Ameen. Quickly applied some lotion, spray some perfumes , a little touch up with powder and a lipgloss .finally am done with the touch up ,hmm what to wear , something not heavy will be preferable so I slip into my Bubu gown ,draped my hair with a teddy cap ☺️sounds ridiculous,But i love the design especially when touching the tip of the cap it sounds soft and lovely....

Umma's pov

Hmmm hajiya Aisha's grand daughter looks adoring 🥰 I love the sight of the baby ,hmmm my so called stupid daughter doesn't seem to help matters at all sounds ridiculous are we her mate ,let me get back home am going to teach her some more lessons to my torture may be she's going to bring a suitor to get married to, may be I can finally see my grandchildren before dieing,this girl is so in soup wallah let me reach home hhhh today you will get to know what extent I hajiya Rukayya can reach to . Hajiya Aisha am leaving tank you so much for the advice bye take care

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