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Chapter 5

Umma : saudah! saudah! saudah!! When you are done dragging your crayfish body slowly you will come down here and meet me.

Baffa: habibty !!so you are back from the visit ,how's hajiya Aisha and her grand daughter hope they are all fine ?

Umma: habiby! how is work ,did you make it up as promised earlier?,have you eaten ?they are all fine habiby you need to see the baby she's cute adoring and sweet .awnn you know I want to see my grand kids but it seems my dream isn't going to come true ,πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”.

Baffa: masha Allah habibty , no am not hungry by the mere sight of you , am starving😍😍😍but it's time for magrib , need to get going before am late ,don't want to miss any Rakaat , when am back we get to eat bye dear.

Umma: Hah you and your silly jokes you've grown old you know 😍😍😍bye habiby.

Baffa: ahaka akace i love you koh hhhh drama queen bye.

Umma:where's this girl I've been calling is she insane or what ? She's grown wings really zakisani( you will see) hmm.

Saudah: yes umma welcome back

Umma:hold your greetings to yourself ,you ungrateful fellow, stupid moron, unwanted slime bitch.

Saudah:umma am sorry I was performing salat that's why I .........

Umma: 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

my friend will you keep quiet don't use that as an excuse Msthw listen carefully you have a year to bring a suitor I don't care how but I want to see a suitor ready to ask for your hands in marriage.

Saudah:umma please am sorry forgive me ,please I promise not to go against your wishes, orders but please refrain your statement Dan Allah umma 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

Umma: stop shading your crocodile tears it won't have effect on me ,I 've made up my mind get lost from here 😠😠😠😑😑😑😑.

Baffa: Haba habibty why are you been so different towards mimi don't forget she's also your daughter but the way you are treating her it seems you are not her biological mother it's too stressful, its too much to bear as of her aged, at least if you won't try to help build her career don't be the one to destroy your daughter's future please I've heard enough of your drama Rukkaya πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.

Umma: habiby you just address me by my name Rukayya!! Toh wallah mimi hear me out clearly !!you have five month to bring a suitor out Aikin banxa 😠😠😠😠😠😠 Habiby since you have been backing her up right from the start that's why she never takes my statement serious ,this time saudah cry, yell but am not changing my decision.its either me or your so called darling daughter off to my room when you are done backing your so called angel πŸ‘Ό.then we talk hun like father like daughter .

Baffa: Rukkaya what has come onto you , am not done talking come back here.

Umma :kaxo kajani

Baffa: very good well done😠😠😠

Saudah:ya Allah what kind of faith am I been tested with ,can't take this fight with umma and baffa ya Allah help out , am the source of this quarrel between umma and Baffa it's too much to bear ,my heart aches a lot ya Allah see me through this journey,I let the tears fell to what it feels like a sea not wanting to get emptied ,but someway or the other it stops reaching to the extent I cried my heart out but no one was at aid ,no one to tell me soothing words that could make my heart seem okay, believing to have a hope everything is going to be fineπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” I hate my self to the core ,dispise been named saudah 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

after what feel like hours of crying ,I kept encouraging my inner self not to get too disturbed with umma's word but yes deep within i know am landing myself to a journey where the aeroplane cant detect the actual destination, 😭😭😭.

Saudah's pov

Saudah: am not done performing the salat heard umma's voice calling knowing what's actually going to happen after saying salaam and supplications ,I quickly went down stairs to hear her out but to my utmost surprise I was flabbergasted with what I was so much expecting hmm normal day to day service of insults.This time around it was different from those previous days, Yes umma I was performing salat that's why I delayed before coming down stairs.

But what everything turned out to be so messed up ,all my effort of mending my relationship with umma went in vein square zero ,this is heart touching ,ib❀️ when are you coming back I missed your company,your darling sister needs her elder brother to lean on 😭😭😭 shu.. shu ...shu....all in vein I know he won't come earlier 2days ago on receiving a message from his friend Ibrahim ,my adoring brother is been called for 2yrs training to join the arm force .

Nigerian Defence Academy,I felt over the moon on top of the world due to happiness but deep down I was sad ,I've lost a gem πŸ’Ž to protect me from umma's yelling and tantrums ,he did notice my sudden change of expression but what Ω‚Ψ―Ψ―Ψ±Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ψ©ΩˆΩ…Ψ§Ψ΄Ψ§Ψ‘ΩΨΉΩ„(this how the lord design his qadr) who am I to interfere, best wishes towards you ib❀️ May the lord make your journey much easier amin.the food prepared isn't even touched by Baffa his still upset with umma but to my utmost suprise ,she ate her tuwo with taushe soup with no concern wonders 😳😳😳i was shocked on looking towards her attitude ,she keeps glaring towards my direction I know if the power to murder someone is been granted to any body ahhh I know 5minutes too much to announce my death wallah.

Ya Allah show me the way help me out😣😣😣Amin.

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