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Chapter 6

Baffa's pov

I don't know what has come onto habibty's thinking ,can't take it anymore, how can a mother keep trying to ruin the future of her own biological daughter ???????????

How can she failed to understand her pain ?

I've noticed her quiet often whenever she says

Am paying one of my closest friend a visits Hmm Biko a disaster is surely going to take place , failed to understand why isn't she paying heed to the slightest hope Mimi is trying so hard to achieved after so many years she's now back to the old damsel ,ohh Allah help Mimi towards this test ,make her strong towards every circumstances Amin .

Habibty Has forgotten the tribulations of life Mimi is tested with , by God's grace the struggles we made just to keep her alive isn't going in vein but still!! this is entirely stupid hmm I think I need to make her remember the past may be she might drop her wrong thinking's and those nonsense advice been impacted on her.

ohh lord If this Mimi 's faith , qadr help her to be among the successful ones ,give her the strength to fight every circumstances with true taqwaa and Iman , May Jannah al-firdaus be her final abode Amin.hmm.

saudah's pov

Saudah : I have to talk to Abba about my decision,never have I design my fate to be like this jumping from one problem to another, Baffa and umma had a fight because of me ,but one thing is for sure I will agree with umma's order 5 months left for me to get married god knows whom my groom to be is !!!!!, not going to be easy at all but still am not backing out ohh lord see me through this decision I shouldn't regret taking this step ,well cleared am playing with fire πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯but yes am ready to mend my relationship with Umma .

Abba please forgive me ,you alone know the kind of goal am trying so hard to achieve in future even though my life seems to be messed up few years back ,still !!kept believing someday my dreams will showly come true,inshaallah 😞😞😞.

Hahh it's pass 12 hun may be baffa is taking a nap but with an empty stomach hmmm what to do ,umma is not really ready to talk this time around her mind is fixed already .

Ohh ishaa prayer i totally forgot,how can you remember when you are there shedding the hole bucket of tears now you get it crying won't solve any of this ,it's time to face your reality seek refuge from him the supreme of all hhh thought to my self . This 12:45 tomorrow's gonna be a long day ,arghh school sometimes seems boring but someway or the other I find peace over their ,goshhhh !! missing those silly bby girls yippee yippee can't wait 😊 ,getting to step out of the house tomorrow I pray everything goes as planned,umma and Baffa should get to talk to each other once again ❀️❀️my Baffa is such a hero indeed hah,k ma'am thinker thinker go and pray you need to rest for the day ahhh.....nytie .

A saying before woop woop 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

There is a reason for everything in your life,

And God has chosen that for you,

You may not have a hint or clue,

But, you will have that sunshine,when the soul is pure nothing to get scared of ,he's with you 😊😊🌸🌼❀️.


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