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Chapter 7

My long black blonde hair was done into a messy bun everyday as usual and I love donning into a pencil Jeans with an oversized T-shirt and a matching long knee-lengthen hijab after my morning routines my thought was distracted when a knock reached the door hmm I thought if not for the twins who could it be ,hope not to see that queen drama sistur of mine ,what a bad luck I know she's over the moon with yesterday's incident that's too much to bear I thought to my self ,on drifting towards the land of thought the knock on the door becomes so hard that I feel the door could fall on it own but thank god I was back to my senses,just a minute am coming.

As expected this doming big heads the twins

Hy isha,hawy in general.

Isha -hawy :morning anty ...

Saudah :they stammered knowing very well I hate it when they call me saudah ,Mimi is far much too better and sweet than saudah 🤗what's up with you early morning?????

Isha-hawy: yap can we just borrow your room since you are up to school today it's children's day and we are free ,come here we want to share a secret ,your full attention is needed

it's a secret ☺️☺️☺️

Saudah:deep within my self I know they are up to something seriously hmm what could it be🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐okay been a nice caring elder sister am all ears Be fast am getting late oyah sharp sharp .

Isha-hawy:umma is not letting us sleep at our room so can we take a nap over here we know she won't come to your room please Anty mimi 😔😔.

Saudah:they are too much I know they are feigning a fake sorry faces 🤔🤔okay sure but mind you guys if anything goes wrong your two heads will be dead in soup is that clear ?

Ishaa-hawy:yes Anty on command🥰🥰we love you ❤️

Saudah:they both noded urghh love you guys too❤️am is umma downstairs ???????

Ishaa-hawy:yes both with Baffa having breakfast .

Saudah:ahh okay so early hmm did they make it up to each other god knows ,am ready ohh lord help me okay girls bye see you guys.

Ishaa-hawy:bye Anty.......😉

Saudah :on reaching the step I made my heels not to make too much sound ,at least they won't be distraction but what it still make some kyat kyat kyat little sound which drew the attention of Baffa and umma,here comes a drama saudah stay strong ,I feigned a fake smile and walk towards their direction,umma is already furrowing her eyebrows geez take a deep breath hah that's sounds good 👌.

Good morning baffa .

Baffa:morning mimi my damsel how are you?arent you late for school?

Saudah:question after a question am good baffa no today's lecture is by 10:30am I lied

Saudah: Good morning umma hoping a good reply will be out.

Umma:chameleon hold your greeting I don't need them 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

Saudah:amm emmm emmm I stammered

Umma:when have you become a stammerer is this also the faith and test your so called Baffa keep blabbering?

Saudah:she fired back no umma I answered knowing very clear what's going to take place another scene for sure ,I moved straight to the point ,umma I've agreed in five month time am going to bring a suitor for my so called wedding I thought to myself 😌😌😌😌in a minute I was shocked with Baffa's expression .

Baffa:mimi are you out of your senses ,you clearly know what offensive step you are taking just to make your mom happy 🤨🤨🤨🤨.

Saudah:for the first time after so many years Baffa is rising in so much anger I was shocked beyond shocked ,my gripped was tightened towards my favourite poor bag 💼 hoping not to receive a slap from him but no he managed to controlled himself HaH what a relieved thank God nothing of such happened .

Umma:habiby why are you fuming in so much anger ?afterall she's bound to get married been a female and yes all eyes on you try smart then you will see the other devilish side of me hmm with that she stormed out.

Baffa:mimi i know what you are trying to mend up this time I hope everything comes too easy for you ,may the lord continue to bless you dear.wont you have breakfast ohh I remembered today's Monday fasting

Saudah:I thought to myself 18years ago hmm Ameen Baffa

With that we stormed out together with my super handsome Baffa.


I let the cool ,soothing breeze brush through my face making sure not to make eye contact with anybody due to my swollen eyes weekend was indeed tough and miserable for me wallah,just then I was tapped by the shoulder ohh hate my self for not using dark sheds actually am not a fan of that though 😏😏hmm

Let me guess shittu .

This time around you are wrong miss what's up hea hafsy.

Hafsy:morning beb😛

Saudah:morning deary ☺️I blushed trying to feigned fake expression from the previous one ,omg you are up so early today 😂🤣I teased her.

Hafsy:that's so cheezy ma'am so called

Saudah 🤨what do you mean🧐🧐am always late?

Saudah: ohhh hell no 😂😂who am l to make such statements 😂😂😂

Hafsy:yea 😎

Saudah :shall we ,15 minutes late amma na dana🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪I teased once again.

Hafsy : saudah you are too much to hold a times wallah let's go before those big sweet dummy's start complaining most especially m2shittu 😂😂.

Saudah: I know she's over reactive over petty things thank god Hafsy's attention wasn't completely on me ,we walk down the hall hand in hand I love this beb honestly speaking she's far too sweet.

On reaching to the main theatre four voices made their way towards us distracting us from the gist we are so much engrossed on.two voice was familiar at once they uttered late comers🤨🤨🤨🤨.we both chuckled on seeing their mere expressions.

Shittu :laty laty coma how are you shames stressing it in general .

Missy:shame shame .

Saudah: I wondered whether their is any word like shames 😂😂😂I kept mute not creating a scene .


In chorused Hy mukhtar ,Haleemerh morning they both answered,the topic was changed as we decide to chart on Boronza's strictness when it's comes to (I too sabi)

Though it was fun my mood was a little bit brightened from my previous encounter from home.arghh guys we have to meet some one important catch up later halima and mukhtar uttered with that they take their leave.

Shittu:hmm saudah you look paled is something wrong ,throughout the weekends you dont come on line,or did you just decide to ignore our messages we know you 🧐🧐.

Saudah:goshh not really I need help I think I've land my self in a great mess with umma.

They both huffed knowing what pretty work her highness my so called umma can do they normally address her that way just not to get caught while gisting during those days when they pay me a visit.

Shittu:thank god classes were cancelled today, as it's been postponed to Wednesday.

Hafsy:yes that's why I took my time to come late.

Missy:sorry saudah but am scared of your mom .

Shittu:whatever the problem is Biko gist us we are all ears to help .

Saudah :let's go under the palm tree close to convocation ground I think it's going to be okay there.

We both nod in assurance.

On reaching to the palm tree,every single incident was narrated they both show their utmost concern ,disturbed knowing how miserable my umma will make my life,hmmm the semester is coming to an end.cant even recall when last I pay more attention towards my studies everything kept going well due to my sweet buddies here they always try to bring out the best out of me praises be to the lord .

Shittu-Hafsy-missy:this not a good feeling at all saudah and we all know you don't have saurayi (boyfriend)not to talk of aboki (friend).may be we will hook you up on a blind date they both laughed.

Saudah:geeezz 💔💔💔what the hell 🤨🤨🤨🤨.

Hea tigress take it easy,deep down they are both disturbed with my situation but just to make me feel happy ,they kept making fun of me wow that sounds comforting wallah,

unknowing to me I uttered 18years .i was caught off guard when they both asked what happened with their eyeballs 😳😳😳😳all out in curiosity I decided to change the topic by acting stupid but what everyone knows am to make it snappy it's exactly 2 pm it's time to get going but promised to gist you guys ,they both glare salon kice kinmanta aa no way.

Saudah:it's time for prayers malamai let get going,they both signed it's a promise,I sighed with the yes look for sure time passes this exactly 2:42pm ,guys I need to get going see you guys tomorrow ,we both said our bye bye stuffs😂😂😂lol that sounds cheezy.

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