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_Corrupted Jelly_
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Chapter 1

I woke up on a table, filled with pain and agony. I was covered in bandages. I was about to walk, but then I heard a noise... It sounded like footsteps.. It must be him. I had to hide, the only choice was under the table. I was as silent as possible. I could barely breathe at the condition I was at..

"Where is she?! When I find her, she will regret it!" I could tell when he was gone, his footsteps were so loud, I could hear every single footstep he took. I had to escape for real this time. When I was about to walk, I felt so much agony. It was like I got stabbed and started burning in a fire. I was lucky I survived.

I started walking, luckily I didn't fall, I couldn't imagine what that would feel like. I felt like I wasn't actually walking, because I saw nothing but darkness. I soon saw a light. I knew I was finally close to the exit. I was getting used to the unbearable pain that I endlessly felt.

I heard him coming back. I needed to find another hiding spot. There was a locker near by. The locker was filled with prescriptions and bandages. I made barely enough room for me. The prescriptions touching me felt like I was about to die. When he left, I got out of the locker desperately, in so much pain and agony. By the time I got out, I was filled with joy, seeing the stars. The sky looked beautiful.

I didn't think that I would escape to a forest, but something was off about the forest. It seemed... Fake. The forest had ginormous vines, I needed to seek help. "I should climb onto some of the vines to see which way to go." I thought.

Their was nothing interesting interesting about the forest. Or how I escaped the vine forest. The vines were light green, and very tall. When I escaped, I immediately went to a hospital. People just stared at me the whole time I was walking to the hospital.

When I got into the hospital, I was super desperate to get help. I was crawling on my knee's, barely managing to talk at that point. I had to wait 2 minutes of agony, the pain now felt like I was multiply stabbed, and burning from fire. I got help, but I had to keep bandages on me for 4 months...

I needed rest, at my home. I needed to buy a new home, so I wouldn't have to suffer like that again. So I bought a new house, and I didn't realize I was bleeding from my mouth, because my whole body was nummed.

I slept, and woke up with the worst headache I have ever had. It was worse than a migraine. Then I saw these shadow silhouettes or something I've seen before. I don't remember where though... Maybe I was just hallucinating or something. But it felt so real...

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