MINE (Book 1 of Shifters series)

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When Baylie is force-married to Dylan, she finds herself in an impossible situation. Surrounded by two sisters-in-law, a determined dressmaker, her maid, (more like best friend) a non existent rouge brother-in-law, and her, dog of a husband (kidding, he's a wolf), every day has a surprise waiting for Baylie. One day comes, pregnant with a revelation. Dylan's her mate. and he was, (thinking of?) rejecting her. Dylan doesn't want a mate, or so he tells himself. It's better off this way. He's a man of scars. Neglected beyond repair, betrayed by loved ones, he's cold and cynical. But he loves his family and cares for his pack. Baylie is like sunshine after the rain. She's every thing he doesn't deserve. She believes there's something worth saving in him, so she wont give up. He needs her to see that he's doing it for her. to protect her from his score of enemies. *** A/N: I'm terrible at descriptions. Anyway, All Rights Reserved.Please, do not try to copy my book. If you do, just pray to your God that I don't find out.

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Not while she is alive and breathing. If the alpha wants her as his mate, then he should consider taking her carcass as a mate.

How could her parents make such a stupid arrangement of giving her off to the alpha in exchange for power? Weren’t they powerful enough? Why should she be the scapegoat for him?

She had already packed, when Morgie came into her room to ask her for the 50th time if she was done packing. She seemed to be happy about the arrangement, for all she tried to look so sober looking after her father, the buffoon of a man, announced the arrangement.

‘‘Get out of my room, you two-faced bitch.’’ she snarled at Morgie.

Morgie looked shocked and she wanted to leave. But she had to make her exit as regal as possible.

‘’As expected from a wild wolf like you Baylie. Mother was right, once a wild bitch, forever wild bitch. I hope your husband teaches you some manners.’’ She said and sashayed out of the room.

Baylie groaned. She just hated it when that girl sashays. Sighing she sat down on a sofa. She wondered if the things she heard of the about the alpha were true. Some said he was heartless, some said he had a quick temper, and some said he had a mistress, not that she cared anyway. She wondered if he was as handsome as it was rumoured. Some said he was drop dead gorgeous and young. A 329 year old. Only a 4 year gap. And she was going to find out even if she wanted to or not.

Dylan picked up his shirt and began to button it up. A blonde lay sprawled on his bed.

‘’Pleasant?’’ she asked.

Dylan stared at her. ’’Always.’’ he assured her. She beamed at him and twirled her hair all flirty like. ‘’So, when are we getting married?’’ she said

‘’ I’m never ever getting married to you Annabella.’’ Dylan almost chuckled. Annabelle’s face was classic.


‘’You’re my mistress. Know your place.’’

‘’So if you don’t marry me, who are you gonna marry? Who would stand a monster like you huh?’’ her words made him arch a brow.

His beta Paul entered the room. ‘’What is it Paul?’’

‘’Your betrothed is here.’’

‘’Lead the way.’’ Dylan said already walking, leaving Annabella whose mouth was agape. They stopped at a great hall. A woman in black clothes, all genuine leather, and high heeled boots stood.

Dylan signalled for Paul to leave. The door shut and Dylan signalled for her to take a seat. She didn’t budge.

‘’didn’t you see me signal to you? Sit, now.’’ Dylan said.

Still she didn’t budge at all. After moments of staring at each other, Dylan came up with a conclusion, she was a hot tempered and damn beautiful. Her body showed that she doesn’t neglect herself. She was slim and she carried the elegance and the deadly movements of a predator, and her leather riding jacket clung to her figure like a second skin. Her legs were planted few centimetres from each other, giving her I-am-here-for- business look. She stood hands akimbo, staring at him, then she nodded her head and folded her hands across her chests, which made her already evidently large breasts swell even more. He felt blood pumping to his shaft, and he cursed silently. Didn’t he just make out?

Finally she spoke, ’’I wondered how the alpha is. I guess the rumours that travel around the pack is true. You’re a dominant prig… what the hell?!’’ she snarled at him when he shoved her to the door, standing with their faces two cm apart, and Dylan lowered his head to her neck and bit her. She struggled, but he supressed her easily. After few seconds, he let her go and slurped down her blood. She tasted heavenly.

‘’What did you just do?’’

‘’I branded you. You are mine, forever.’’

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