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What happens when your born and raise in poverty vs being raise with wealth and being privilege. Life choices, Friends ,family,schools, police and normal Life changes in these two different worlds.

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Growing up lessons

Here I am 11yrs olds , on a beautiful sunny summer day around 2:00pm. I was in between two apartments building playing with a Grocery kart , was making into something me and my buddies can push down this big road that was on a high hill, the older guys just listing to music selling drugs as one of the favorite fiend’s (a drug addicted person) is washing there cars they just hanging out in the parking lot as usual, when I heard a loud bang bang bang and notice a car with tinted windows and guy hanging out the car shooting , at the moment everything for went in slow motion , I felt the hot air breeze hit my skin I seen the birds fly away from the loud bang I could see the spark and smoke come out of the barrel of the gun as he kept squeezing the trigger, I see all the guys some running away from me some running right towards m , could see and hear the bullets hit the ground everything in slow motion for me untill I felt some one grab me and run with me in the arms as he shooting back at the car , we fell into an abandoned apartment that’s when I noticed it was Sticky who grab me he asked me “are you okay” as was checking my legs and arms to see if been hit or grazed.

I was okay but never forget how upset and mad he was at me he said “if you gonna be out here playing you gotta be careful and always look out for shit like this” that’s when one of the guy yelled out “they turning around they turning around” sticky looked at me and said “stay here stay down” as he ran back outside gun in hand and I heard more shots ringing out. Few minutes later he walked in and said “hurry up get to the house so your mother & father know you good”. I went home mom was cooking and told me “gotta be careful out side that why I don’t want you to far”. That day I was so confused on what happen I just remembered what the Sticky told me ,how I gotta be watching out when I’m playing outside , and how I ate dinner and went back outside and continued doing what I was doing like it never happen , the guys back at the same spot, fiend washing a different car, only thing change was the weather and now and the day light.

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