The lost pages!

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What happened when you found you favorite book which you really want to read but some page are missing. What will you do then..... Well, even a person is also like a book past is your Readed chapters, present is the which is you are reading and future is your unreaded chapters........... Let's see what happened when aryan meets his favorite half readed book with some missing pages.......

Other / Romance
Megha Kashyap
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Some hunted memories!

A person is running on a long empty road. It's a dark evening seems like clouds are expressing his pain and ready for the rain. He searching something. Breathing heavily, totally devastated, and guilt eyes.


He feels dizzy not able to hold himself he landed on ground. Only one sound was there that speaking silence.......

Suddenly he open his eyes after feeling someone is shaking him. Seeing on that person he relaxed himself and take some deep breaths.
He was going to say something but before that.

Person- it's ok beta. I am going to prepare your breakfast go fresh up fast. I think you are already late. With assuring smile that person go out of the room.

His pov.

Even after 3 years still those memories haunt me. Don't know i will be able to meet her or not in future and the biggest question, i have that much guts to face her.

Whit all those thoughts he goes to the washroom.

All these things are his daily routine. Those dreams and this one single thought.

Aryan Singh Shekhawat

The only hire of sanial industry. One of the brilliant engineer but stuck in this uncertain Robotic life of Bussiness.
Right now living in delhi all alone in a bangalow (Angel's star), people actually gives him weird looks for his bangalow's name because it's really doesn't sute his personality.
He an short tempered person and has so many rivals in business some because of anger or some for his success.

Note - hiii readers it's my first story so, please kindly support me and yes in case if you find out any mistake in chapter so please rectify me.

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