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A story about a womans need for a man that consumed her entirely. And a mothers anguish not being able to stop the inevitable...

Other / Drama
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Chapter 1

As she introduced me to a "Bone" and a "Trip", my drunken confused mind could only focus on the ridiculous handmade ICP shirys and their silly names..... The look in my Lilliths eyes though. I never had seen such an adoration beeming from them. My oldest child, Lillith was a tough cookie. A minnie me in the beginning. Always questioning why to any action before she proceded with doing. When she was young peope of this region would call her a pistol. Exploring, experimenting, and initiating. Even at her young age of fourteen she had learned for herself that the world was full of sheep. But she really liked this one, this pretty boy with a homemade ICP shirt. The boys shook my hand and made eye contact. Seemed alright I had guessed so I went along to my firepit party where the beer flowed and the shotz were plentiful. Made the rest of the world a blur..my mind could rest and be unbothered. My own insanity kept at bay for one more day. Upon the progression of my drunkeness, i came to making out with someone in my jeep. My daughter pulling them off of me and screaming for them.to get the hell out of there. Before she stabbed them.. Laugh my ass off. Afyer their quick departure, id feel a quick plop. Then hear my Lillith say" God mom can you find your freaking legs and help me out?" "Yoi are so dumb"! She had put my arm behind my back and her arm around my waist. "Wasnt he beautiful?" "Oh momma, I just gotta have him". She allowed my body to fall into the bed, lifted my legs to the bed. She started humming. I opened my eyes to a slit, i could see a smile on her face as she snapped ablanket over me and tucked me in. I smiled thinking that smile was for me as I drfted to sleep. Hind sight though...

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