Sisterhood of the Traveling Pranks

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Chapter 3 - Ivy

Jeremy was smart in not picking us all up at home for our dates. It would have been a dead giveaway if he had.

Which means Jeremy paid for a spa trip for me. Once Low finished telling us what happened on her ‘date’, I left for town.

Once I parked my tiny, navy blue sports car in front of Sensual Feelings, I quickly learned how much Jeremy spent for me to get pampered.

Now this isn’t just a normal spa, it’s a high-end one that only services the A-listers.

After a mud bath, facial, manicure, pedicure, two hour massage and hot stones, I’m as relaxed as ever. If I had 50k to blow once a week, I’d totally do it there. Feeling blissful and lethargic altogether is amazing.

Thankfully, they did my makeup as well as I was in no shape to do any of it. I also learned that the dress I brought with me to wear to dinner wouldn’t cut it. Oh, no! Jeremy went out and bought me a twenty-thousand--yes a twenty-thousand dollar dinner gown!

Now, I’m normally the calm and rational sister, but 20k for a damn dress?! Who in their right mind would spend that much money on a dress! Not I, that’s for damn sure!

Right now, I’m sitting in the back of a Rolls Royce as the driver chauffeurs me around town to no doubt the fanciest restaurant around.

Five minutes later, we come to a stop. The chauffeur opens my door, but it’s Jeremy who ducks his head down to see me with an arm out for me to grab. Doing so, I smoothly glide out of the back seat and onto the red carpet walkway.

Hot damn is this man pulling out all the strings for my V-card! Does he believe because I’m the more reserved out of us three sisters that being dolled up will help?

“You look breathtaking, Ivy. I’m the luckiest man in the world tonight to have you on my arm.” Jeremey beams, giving me a saucy wink.

Of course, I blush and act the part of a shy, innocent female. I know what you do under the bleachers Jeremy Sinclair, you aren’t going to fool me into thinking I’m special in your eyes.

“Thank you,” I sigh dreamily.

Don’t make me gag!

“You’re very welcome.” The typical cocky smirk is plastered all over his face. Does he believe he’s won me over already because of the spa treatment?

The second we make it through the sliding glass doors, my jaw drops to the floor at the magnificence of the interior. How much does a plate in this place cost? I mean there are chandeliers over every single table, waiters in penguin tuxedos with white towels over their arms and sticks up their asses.

Each table is spaced out with dividers to the point I can’t hear what everyone is saying. Soundproofing, possibly?

We don’t even have to wait to be seated or asked who we are. A male with ungodly thick muscles steps up and directs the two of us to a corner table out of sight from every single person in the room. There is even a moveable divider to block out the entrance to our little alcove.

It makes me a little nervous to be trapped in here without a way for someone to witness Jeremy touching me.

Jermey stops in front of a chair and pulls it out for me to sit down in. Being the nice person that I am, I take it without giving him any lip. That would be Low’s or Vee’s job.

He leisurely takes his own seat, placing the pristine white cloth napkin on his lap with a flick of his wrists. “Now, I don’t want you to feel intimidated by this restaurant and the prices of the plates. You pick whatever your heart desires. There won’t be any expenses I won’t pay to be with you, Ivy. You’re my type of girl, and now that we are seniors and about to graduate, I need to think about my future.”

Inhaling drastically, I have to tap on my chest as I choke at his words. “Excuse me?”

He tries to act bashful, but I see right through it. This is just another tactic of his to get me naked in his bed. “I’ve been attracted to you for many years, Ivy. You’re smart, beautiful, know when to voice your opinion, and when to stand back and watch. That is what I’m looking for in a wife, Ivy.” Jermey doesn’t blink or stray his eyes away.

I’m utterly lost at the moment. This was not what I was expecting him to talk about during dinner. “What exactly are you asking of me, Jeremy?” There is no way he is asking me to be his wife. No, fucking way!

The man may be a playboy, but no way is he an idiot that would think he could get away with proposing to me on our first date without me telling my sisters about it.

He licks his lips, and for the first time since I’ve known him, he looks nervous. Like about to piss himself nervous. “I want us to work, Ivy. I can see a future with you. A home, children, and laughter. I want this date to be the start of our forever.” He fumbles with his hands, not knowing what to do with them.

“Jeremy, you were sleeping with two cheerleaders last week. Why would you want to stop that? I’m not going to be a trophy wife. If you’re honest about being with me, then only time and your actions will tell me you’re telling the truth,” I say without tossing my glass of ice-chilled water in his face.

How can this man think I’d want to marry him? I mean, how many diseases does he have from fucking nearly all of the girls, and possibly males, in our school? I’m positive he’s sampled the college watering hole as well.

His body tenses as a slight grunt comes from him, “I’m pathetic for saying this, but they didn’t mean anything to me, Ivy. I’ve been a scaredy-cat all these years when it came to approaching you, so in turn I tried to make you jealous. It was stupid of me and I know that now.”

Narrrowing my eyes, I go to spew something idiotic out, but a waiter stops me in the nick of time.

“Your wine, Mr. Sinclair.” He pours Jeremy a glass for him to swirl and sip. When Jeremy nods, giving his approval, the waiter fills the rest of his glass up and does the same to mine. “Would you like to order?”

My eyes go wide when I realize I haven’t even looked at the menu yet. “Oh, I’m sorry, I was distracted.” Looking at Jeremy, I know for a fact he won’t allow me to eat anything disgusting if he is trying to get me to be his wife. “I love steak. Do you have any suggestions?”

A wicked smirk lifts the right side of Jeremy’s face when he realizes what I just did. He thinks I’m bending to his will. Not even close, buddy.

“Rodger, please bring two house specials with the chief’s unique touch on the side. You know how I like it.” Taking a sip of wine, he hums as the taste consumes him. “You should try the wine, Ivy. It’s something you will get used to once I announce us as boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Hey, now! I didn’t say yes to anything!

I swear Vee and Low will both die of shock when they hear about this.

Ignoring the wine, I rest my chin on my knuckles. “You are sure of yourself, aren’t you, Mr. Sinclair? How do you know I’m going to say yes to you? This is, after all, our first date. I might hate your food choice and wish to end the night early.”

Jeremy apparently finds what I said to be hilarious as he throws his head back and laughs until he has to wipe his eyes clear of tears. “Oh, love. You will definitely enjoy the meal. This isn’t one of those places where you spend a grand on a plate and leave starving. Chief Renadlo is the best in the world. You will hunger to come back here, I promise.”

The way he says that, I’m slightly freaked out. It’s as if he is telling me I will be begging him to bring me back here. I don’t care how good the food is, I don’t beg for something I can probably make at home. I mean how hard is it to grill a steak to perfection? It’s not, I do it every weekend for my family.

Which is why when I graduate, I’m going to the top culinary college in the world. So unless Jeremy wants to follow me, this marriage thing isn’t going to work between us. Not that I’d ever touch him like that. The thought alone has my stomach rolling.

“Do you cook, Jeremy?” Yes, keep the conversation away from marriage, Ivy. There’s a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that tells me if Jeremy wants me as his, there isn’t anything or anyone that could stop him.

He leans back and gauges me with his fingers to his lips. What is he thinking about?

“I do on occasion, but with my father being the mayor, we have maids and servants to do that for us. It will be the same when you move in with us.” Brushing his hand in front of his face, he acts as if he is trying to erase what he just said. “Anyways, have you ever been outside of the human territories?”

Breathe, Ivy. Think logically about this. Something isn’t right. Why would I move in with him and his family when we aren’t even dating yet? Does he believe I’m going to ditch my family for his right away?

“No, sadly, I haven’t been. Though, my uncle is married to a vampire who is the vice-principal of the supernatural high school. We are hoping to go visit them once we graduate high school and before we head off to college.” This time my excitement is genuine. I honestly can’t wait to see my aunt and uncle.

Secretly I wish to look at all the sexy male fae in the city center. Since the school is typically only for supes, it’s within driving distance from the three largest supernatural families in the world.

If I can catch a glimpse of fae Prince Azale Darkwood, I’d die happily and probably from an explosive orgasm.

I mean any of his cousins or friends for the matter cause me to lick my lips in anticipation. Jeremy has nothing on those males. I’m usually the smarter one out of my sisters, but if Prince Azale stepped through the door of this restaurant, I’d ditch Jeremy in a heartbeat to drool all over the male I have nightly wet dreams about.

Too bad he is a Prince, which means he will more than likely have a female fae as his light.

“My father has business to deal with next month in the city center. Would you like to come with us? You can say hello to your uncle and aunt before we hit the town. There are a few shopping spots I’d love to take you to.” Taking a sip of his wine, he watches me for any tweak or shift of my body.

“Like wedding dresses?” Do men actually think this works on us women? Like why would I want to get married to you right off the bat?

The divider is pushed to the side as a waiter with a cart rolls into our little alcove. Two servers help place our dishes in front of us before one stands back. “Is there anything else you wish for me to get for you, Mr. Sinclair?” He bows his head slightly in respect. Or possibly fear? Why would someone fear Jeremy?

Does his dad deal in illegal things? It’s the only reason I can think of that would make someone fear his son. Or is it Jeremy who is the one into dangerous activities? If so, then I definitely do not wish to deal with this prick after today.

“Have dessert ready once we are done eating,” Jeremy doesn’t even acknowledge Rodger as he talks. There’s a spark in his eyes as he watches me.

Now what did I do to amuse him?

Jeremy doesn’t say a single word as we both eat our juicy steaks. My stomach is loving all the side dishes; two lobster tails smothered in garlic butter, crimini mushrooms with escargot butter, caramelized onions with a dozen or so jumbo shrimp, and asparagus covered in what I believe are sparkles of gold. Is that even a thing?

Yeah, I didn’t finish it all.

Right now I’m patting my food baby, wondering how I’m going to make it outside without waddling like a penguin.

“It seems as if you enjoyed dinner,” Jeremy remarks, wiping the edges of his mouth before placing the now dirtied cloth back on his black suit pants.

“I did, very much so. Thank you. If only I could afford this place, I’d be coming here weekly for the lobster. It’s the best I’ve ever had.” It’s the truth and he knows it by the way he chuckles.

“I’m glad to hear that. It means when we do become official, this can be our go-to dinner when we are out on the town after school or after we graduate and I want to spoil you with a night out.”

The two waiters return for the plates and leave two tall glasses with what looks to be several layers of ice cream. There’s a ball of possibly chocolate on top with a green mint leaf.

“This is called gelato, Ivy. This is what Europeans used to eat all the time as their dessert. Now that that part of the world is covered in molten lava and ash, it’s become a delicacy and hard to come by. This is the only restaurant in the human territory that can reproduce it perfectly.” He dips the tip of his spoon into the gelato and sucks it into his mouth. “Try it.”

Is he trying to be seductive?

I can usually figure someone out, but Jeremy is throwing me mixed signals and I’m honestly confused with some of them. Maybe it’s because he is speaking about marriage when this is our first date.

And...well, he went on a date with Low this morning and after we leave the restaurant he is going to hit up Vee at the club. That isn’t a person who wants marriage.

Doing as he says, I bring the chilled green gelato to my tongue to taste. It’s creaminess is mind-exploding. In no time I’m digging around the bottom of the glass to get the very last bit. “I can order you one every single time we come here. Since we are close friends, I can even get some to go. If that is what you wish.” Jeremy leans forward on his forearms with mirth spread all over his face.

“I’d love that, Jeremy. Maybe we can eat it together later tonight?” Did I just genuinely flirt with the sicko?

Where is Low to stab me with a pencil?

Jeremy’s demeanor changes instantly as he stands up. “Ivy, I’ve wanted to ask you this for a long time.” He chuckles, as if he’s unsure of himself. The next thing he does is out of a horror story! Jeremy goes down on one knee and pulls out a red velvet box. “Now, I know we aren’t ready for marriage, but I do want to give you a promise ring. This is me telling you that you’re it. There is no one else for me than you, Ivy.”

A shy innocent boy is kneeling in front of me, and that is when I realize we have an audience. The waiters didn’t close the divider, and now everyone knows what is going on. There is no way I’ll be able to get out of this mess when school starts tomorrow. I’ll be made the laughing stock of the whole town after what Vee and Low have planned for tonight!

I swear, I’m going to kill Jeremy for doing this to me.

Being that Jeremy is the mayor’s son, there is no way I can publicly say no to him. Hell would rain down upon my family within minutes of the word leaving my lips.

“What do you say, Ivy, my love? Will you promise to be my wife in the future.” He beams up at me, eyes twinkling with mischief now. I’m pretty positive I hear the bastard say, “right after we graduate,” under his breath.

“Only if you promise me to be faithful, Jeremy. I know some humans believe in being unfaithful to their wives, but I won’t sit back and allow that to happen to me. I have more respect for myself than that.” I quirk my eyebrow up at him.

When he stands up and places the ring on my finger, the crowd around us shouts, giggles, and cheers for our absolutely disgusting news. I believe a few photos are being snapped as well.

Oh, great, more evidence that this actually happened!

Dammit, Low! Why did you bring up this stupid plan!

I don’t even bother looking at the ring. There’s no point as I will toss it in the trash or pawn it for college money tomorrow.

“Congratulations, Mr. Sinclair and Miss Collier. I’m so happy you two could celebrate such an important milestone in your relationship here at my restaurant!” I assume the owner squeals excitedly.

“Thank you, Mr. Lopez. Dinner was exquisite as always.” Jeremy faces me, bringing our lips an inch apart. “Want to give them something to write about?”

I don’t move an inch. “I believe the ring on my finger is enough right now, Mr. Sinclair. You just shocked every single person in human territory. There are going to be a lot of furious females tomorrow when the news hits.”

“I bet there will be, but that doesn’t stop me from gazing upon my stunning girlfriend. Now, it’s time for us to go. I have a meeting with my father, sadly. He will be happy to know you’ve said yes to my proposal of marriage. Mother will call up yours to start planning the wedding. Of course, my family will pay for it all as it’s going to be quite expensive. A few million dollars at the least.” He doesn’t even let me get in a word before ushering us out of our dining area.

We are met with flashes of lights and reporters asking questions. I read in a history book once that reporters would get all up in a person’s face, demanding questions and taking pictures disrespectfully. Now, that isn’t possible. If you are a reporter and you come within twenty feet of your target and that person tells you to leave, he or she has the right to kill you. It happened once to Jeremy’s father four years ago. The reporter reached out to grab a hold of Mrs. Sinclair, and Mr. Sinclair reacted with a single bullet to the brain.

I don’t think I can ever get the image of those two adults spattered in blood and brain matter out of my mind as it was aired on my wristwatch.

When we get to the curb, the same chauffeur is waiting at my open door.

“I will see you bright and early tomorrow at school, love. Sleep well knowing that I’ll always be here for you, no matter what. No one will get between us, baby. That is my promise to you.” With a sneak attack, Jeremy pecks my lips and steps back. He watches while I stand there shocked until the chauffeur clears his throat.

Quickly diving into the back seat, I try not to puke up my delicious dinner with what just happened.

The girls are not going to believe a thing about this.

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