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CAN'T BE READ AS A STANDALONE This book contains all the random situations of my different books. All the events have occurred in between the books. Before reading this book, I suggest to read my following books in my profile. The chapters in this book doesn't affect any situation or incident in their respective stories. These are just randoms. Copyright©2020 All rights reserved

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In Love With You

In Love With You

Way before Ace was born (After their first anniversary; in between)


I got out from the guest room bathroom after taking a long warm shower. I used this bathroom ’cause Rose was using our bedroom’s one.

I directly went to our room after that. I heard the shower was still on. Rose must be still under the shower.

I dropped the towel on the laundry basket and then jumped on the bed. I was only on my fresh boxers. I decided to half naked inside the duvet.

I lied down waiting for Rose.

After few minutes I heard the shower turned off and wrapped in a towel Rose came out with wet hair. Water was dripping down the tips of her hair.

She saw me and smirked when she noticed me lusting over her body.

The more I see her, I can’t get over.

She’s all mine. My wife, my life, my love, my everything…

She dropped her towel which made my breathing hitched. She smugly smirked and enters inside the closet fully naked.

She’s testing my patience.

She loves to tease me till death.

I sat up and enter the closet slowly. When I open the closet door, Rose was looking at herself in the long mirror only in a pair of pale pink lacy bra that was barely hiding anything and a normal underware.

I forgot how to breath for a minutes.

She looks up at me through the mirror and raised her brow. I went closer and hug her from behind.

She gasped. I run my fingers through her stomach and she shivers.

“You love to tease me, don’t you?” I whisper in her ear.

“I do, I guess.” She bit her bottom lip. My eyes darken and I sprung her around facing me.

I grab her jaw harshly. Her mouth was slightly parted which made easier to insert my tongue when I kissed her harshly and deeply.

She moaned out loudly when my tongue made contact with hers. I tangle my fingers in her wet locks.

I kept torturing her mouth with lustful kisses. She shivers and pushes me away softly.

“We can’t,” She muttered.

“I know,” I sighed a pulled away, not before pecking a lingering kiss on her lips again. “I hate your mother nature cockblocker.” I said pouting little.

“It’s period, Chris. Just use the word.” She chuckled. “Always innovative with words.” She muttered to herself.

“Oh come on, you hate period as well.” I sassed.

“Of course, I do.” She said and slipped her t-shirt which says ‘Exclusive Bitch’.

Well, this exclusive bitch is taken…

I went closer to her and hug her. She smiled and hugged me back.

“Are you in pain?” I asked about her cramps.

“Not now. Don’t worry.” She looks up and pecked my lips.

I smiled and pick her up in bridal style.

She giggled and wraps her arms around my neck. I kissed her forehead and walked towards the bed. I made her sit and instantly removed her t-shirt.

“But I just wore it—” I cut her off by making her lay on the bed. I get inside the duvet with her. “You wanna cuddle half-naked?” She asked smugly.

“Is it a crime?” I asked back.

“Not that I mind.” She grinned and wraps her arms around my torso. I kept my arm under her body, pulling her close.

We cuddled, talked, laughed, teased each other. We aren’t perfect couple.

We do fight, bicker, we also have misunderstanding and miscommunication. Sometimes our temper takes over our emotions and spoils everything.

But, we try.

We try to forgive ourselves. Try to communicate. Try to understand each other. Love each other.

I’m so lucky to have her as my wife. She taught me how to be…happy. Accept myself, love myself.

She loves to play with fire. She always gets in trouble which most of the time I have to mend.

As her backup.

But still I love her.

And I always will.

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