Do you ever think of death?

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this is a short article based on my thoughts about death.

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Do you ever think of death?

Death. What is death? Is it a dark truth or is it a beautiful lie? None of us can answer these questions because none of us happen to experience it. One month and two days later, after my grandfather’s death, I am writing this article. This is my way of expressing something that a lot of us have put a lot of thought in it but do not know what happens after it. It is surely a dark topic to think about as whenever we say death, we think about the sadness, the loneliness, the grief. But do we ever put it in a way that it is a way of freeing yourself from the shackles of pain and struggle? We do not exactly know how to express our feelings towards it. All of us have our own ways of dealing with death, some of us choose to ignore the hard truth and continue on and the rest of us take it as a chain that is forever tied to us. Do we know what happens after death? Do we actually go to heaven or hell and experience afterlife? Oh! How we have tried hard to put forward theories to prove these things. But even if afterlife exists, it is surely fabulous. I have never experienced the lose of a loved one until recently, so I never gave it a lot of thought but all these mixed feelings in my head from this experience are surely something I would never forget. Should I be sad that I lost a near and dear one? Or should I be happy that my grandfather found a place which he loves and has freed himself from the atrocities of this world? One thing I have learnt is that you can never move on the same way. After you lose someone close to you, you realise that this cycle of life is going to continue and someday you are going to lose everyone you love, one by one, slowly and painfully. But honestly for me it was weird how I could just accept that fact, or am I still not getting myself to believe that it occurred? Is this all a long nightmare, am I going to wake up and face it? I do not know. It is very difficult to compartmentalise your feelings in such situations. Maybe after this experience I have to bring myself to believe that one day I will have to face the trauma that in the end it would be me, myself and I, all lonely, just wishing everybody good luck as they would be freeing themselves from this disturbing world and be where they can finally be happy. Even though I do not understand the concept of ‘rest in peace’, I think it is a pure way of saying that all the others around you will have to suffer and cry. I think we must all one day come to the conclusion that this cycle of birth and death is just like a physics formula, you need to know and accept it. Obviously there are various practices and even methods to ‘talk to the dead’ I honestly believe that that is a bunch of crap. You can either hoover over the fact that you are going to die one day and keep worrying about when, how and where it will be or you can choose to accept it and go through the rest of you life, not just existing but living. We need to realise that this cycle is one painful, full of sadness way of telling us that we need to live the life we got to the fullest. Once somebody leaves you forever you can never forgive yourself for saying words you wished you would have said, for doing things you would have done. What I learnt from my experience of losing someone close to my heart is that your life has a purpose behind it, you need to live your life like a story millions would love to hear, you have a future and you have to do something to make it memorable. Sure, do deeds to make others smile and make them happy, but never forget to live for yourself and make your life worth remembering. Do not wait for D-Day to come, cherish your moments with yourself and with others when you can. Tell them each day how much they mean to you, tell them you love them, tell them you want to see them successful, because you do not know when it will be your last time seeing them.


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