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Why Are People Dead Inside?

Why are so many people ‘dead inside’? I know this might sound like a casual joke, because this particular phrase is so widely used on social media. The fact that it is so popular is quite strange to me. Why do so many people feel ‘dead inside’? What is so terrible in their lives that they have to keep saying it? Why don’t they just say they are extremely sad? When someone says they feel dead inside, doesn’t it mean that they feel like they lost their souls? That they feel soulless? I don’t think we should take this phrase lightly anymore.

What do we have inside? Our souls. What is the soul? The soul is eternal. It does not die. Our bodies die.Our souls can be happy, sad, angry, peaceful, good, evil, lost, found…the list goes on. Everyone we meet has a soul. It is the most precious thing we possess. Yet we are never really taught the importance of it throughout our lives. This is because we have all chosen or learnt to value other things- such as possessions, money, fame and status. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy or earning well, it is definitely a blessing…just as long as we do not sell our souls and sacrifice everything to get there.

Now, because we value those things over our souls and well-being, we are always very ready to give up that part of us for a ‘successful’ life. The need to be famous, or have 10 luxury cars, or to want paparazzi following us everywhere to know every little detail and to have fans that idolise us has been greatly inflated and amplified grossly by social media. People often forget that many actors and actresses have gone through terrible things. They have been taken advantage of and make a lot of sacrifices just to get the fame. Surprisingly, even their fame is not that genuine! They have to hire PR teams, window dress everything they do, bribe critics to give positive reviews, build a fake image for their ‘brand’, buy followers…so they basically live a fake life just for a few more likes, followers, money and fake praise. They sell their souls for ‘stardom’. Let us not forget about the awards too. Of course, some are very good at what they do, but why do they need an idol to validate their work? They lose their souls for a little golden figure. Not worth it.

Schools, as usual, never teach anything useful. Yes, they teach certain subjects, but whatever they teach is very limited. They are also very biased. They do not even care about their students. They really do not try. Only a few teachers are very passionate and help their students as much as possible. They are the ones who earn respect and are rightly loved. Some do not deserve any respect- for example, if students cannot understand something, they are shamed in front of their classmates by this teacher. Not every child has thick skin. All students are rewarded for is conforming and lapping things up. The students are asked to look up to the alumni who scored good grades, went to some university and got a job. No one talks about the loans. They sell a fake dream. They never teach anythinglike how to manage money, how to be kind to others, how to develop a personality instead of being a robot, how to take risks, how to think critically and most importantly, why their soul is so important. Instead , everything that happens in school always leads a person to just show the others what a ‘great’ life he or she lives. They long for that appreciation and attention they missed out on in school. The schools are also dead inside, honestly. That is why they produce people who eventually become ‘dead inside’.

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No matter what, the good news is that we are never really dead inside. I told you the soul doesn’t die, remember? All you probably feel is very sad and lost. Just because social media says that being ‘dead inside’ is trendy, you don’t have to trick yourself into feeling that . In fact, you cannot be! You can feel happy and free. Do not put your soul into a prison. Do not let teachers, parents or your peers make you feel bad for putting your soul, happiness and comfort before their ideas of ‘success’. Do not let their idea of a lifeless life put you down. They clearly do not know what is more precious. Remember that social media will never make anyone happy, because everything about it is false and manipulated. That is why you will always see bad or vulgar content with more likes, views, etc. It is not a place where you evaluate whether your life is fulfilling or not. You do not need to participate in that. Always choose your soul over a fake world, and I guarantee you will never FEEL dead inside. Just do what you are led to do. The path that is true is not chosen by you, but it chooses you.

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