The Angel and the Candy Man

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Paul David Graham
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Preface/1. Clean Up

The Angel and the Candy Man

A Robin Oracle Mystery

By Paul David Graham


It is February in the 6th book of the Robin Oracle Mystery series. Most people are thinking of Saint Valentine’s Day, heart shaped boxes full of chocolate, romantic dinners for two, bouquets of flowers, engagement rings, passionate kisses, and love in the air. The last thing anyone might think of is murder, mayhem, and blood. Fortunately, there are less than .01% with that on their mind.

When that .01% actually commits an atrocity, the special victims unit steps in. If the circumstances of the crime are strange, hard to believe, or seem paranormal, those cases are usually put into an unsolved file and forgotten. In San Diego, however, we have Lt. Elias T. Hawk and his special squad known as, Hawk’s Heroes.

In this book, we continue from the last book’s conclusion (as usual), but before that, because this an Inkitt special publication, (plus I’m NOT done writing it), I’ll be adding chapters after I rework them and edit to the best of my ability. I don’t have a regular editor - however, this gives you, my friends, a chance to read and comment on any mistakes I seem to have made.

I appreciate your past comments whether positive or negative - (although I like the positive ones best) - and have gone back to correct mistakes some of you kindly pointed out to me. My I.Q. is 165, but I can’t spell; and my grammar is sometimes lacking. I am lucky that I have an Angel on my shoulder who guides my characters as I write. In many instances, when rereading my work, I often believe I am guided by a spirit “Ghostwriting” my stories.

I am very happy that 99.999% of you really enjoy my stories. My characters also appreciate you all. So, without further ado, here are the first “batch” of chapters to tease you into reading more.

Dedicated to my fans, friends and family who believed I could actually become an author. To my daughter Andromeda who still loves my writing and my characters and my son Michael.

The characters, their names and events, in this book are fictitious and are not meant to describe or portray anyone either living or dead. Any resemblance to someone you know – whether living or dead – is purely coincidental and not intentional.

My characters may swear on occasion, but none of them like scat (obscene swear words), especially Nancy. I keep the depictions of violence to a minimum and concentrate more on the stories they tell me because your imagination is more powerful than any detailed description I might think of. So, if the violence is too realistic or gory for you, it’s your fault – not mine – for having too good an imagination.

One thing I don’t like about series books is the wasted time (and space) retelling the last few books in order to remind people of what came before (See book 2), and (oft-times) abusing that ritual in order to pad their word count. As annoying as that is for some people, it isn’t always easy to come up with 60 or 70,000+ words to fill a novel, BUT, in the interest of clarity, I’m going to repeat some of it anyway. So, there.

NO part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without written permission of the author.

NO Animals, real or imagined, were harmed (or insulted) in the creation of this book. (Except maybe 5 flies, twenty fleas, ten mosquitoes, and approximately 15,000 bed bugs (Thank you, exterminator extraordinaire) - but they deserved it….and they were warned.)

(Author’s note: As with all of Robin and Company’s adventures, this book takes place where the last one left off. If you haven’t read January’s book (#5) or did read it, but it’s been a long time since (and can’t remember what was going on), you will probably be confused at first. Hey, I’m a bit confused and I wrote this thing…

Okay, let’s get this series started again…)

Chapter 1 - Clean Up

When the ship ported in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last month (January), the authorities picked up the criminals and saw to it that they were deported to the Countries that were going to try them for their crimes. Denmark didn’t take too kindly to the men who roughed up their countrymen and made sure there was a speedy trial and incarceration for them before Raven Corp. could arrange their deaths.

Both the Danish government and the United States Government agreed with the ship’s Captain and The future Queens of Reginia. They allowed Miguel and Jeff to be extradited to Reginia for their murder trial.

When Robin and Malissa exited the ship in Fort Lauderdale, they were met by Ray, agent Taggart, an admiral, a general, the military police, an FBI agent, and a CIA man. They traveled to Washington, D.C., where Robin and Malissa practically wore their arms out shaking hands with everyone in the city with top secret clearance in the DOD.

They successfully rooted out several spies. Two, of which, were members of Raven Corp. Three Russian agents and four Chinese that they were already aware of, or had strong suspicions of. They were using them to pass bogus information. The official military interrogators couldn’t understand how Malissa was able to charm the enemy agents into confessing everything instead of having to water-board them.

When Hawk and company got back to San Diego the hunt for Captain Marvin Webber (AKA Tom Jones) went cold. With all his couriers deceased, save for one Silver Fox, there was little information to help them discover his whereabouts. Mr. Fox had been kept out of the loop. He didn’t even know what secrets were on the drives. He merely thought he was helping one business steal another business’ trade secrets.

A thorough search of his apartment yielded nothing. Even Robin and Malissa came up blank. The same thing happened at the rental house that Captain Webber had rented under the name of Tom Jones.

“It looked like no one lived there at all,” Sgt Tinker said. “The Landlord is going to be very happy about not needing to clean up after Mr. Jones.”

“Yes”, Agent Taggart began, “Apparently Raven Corps has a better cleaning crew than the CIA.”

“Not to mention Captain Marvin Webber himself, alias Tom Jones,” Robin declared, “He’s a real pro. He wears gloves 24/7. If not for the coffee mug touched by his lips, he might have gotten away with much more. His ignorance of psychic abilities did him in.”

“I wondered how you were able to get anything off that cup. We knew Jones wore gloves all the time he lived in that house,” Agent Taggart remarked. “I never would have thought that it was his lips that gave him away.”

“Loose lips, sink ships,” Robin quipped.

Lt. Hawk, ignoring Robin, added, “Unfortunately, there were no mistakes this time. Our forensic team couldn’t find even a partial fingerprint in that place. Of course, now that it’s been cleaned, repainted, and purged of anything that might have helped us, it’s like he was never there.”

“At least we stopped another Raven Corps cell,” Malissa said. “It gives me some hope for the future.”

“Not to be cynical,” Nancy began, “But, we do have to keep vigilant. It usually follows that when you stop one faction, another crops up.”

“Let’s hope that, whoever it is, they give us a chance to breathe before making trouble,” Yaneth said.

“Hear, hear,” Mac agreed, raising his tea glass in a toast.

After Stephanie had apologized and explained herself, Robin and Malissa paid to have her mother sent to Texas where Dr. Burzynski and his cancer clinic is having great success treating and shrinking cancerous brain tumors.

For the rest of Hawk’s Heroes, things fell into the normal routine of the regular homicide department. Robin and Malissa continued going through and solving cold case files every Monday. Some were so old that the perpetrators were long dead, along with the survivors of the person who was murdered.

The end of January seemed to arrive too quickly. Sgt. Tinker was fully healed and back on duty. Malissa’s magic had worked very well on his body, healing him at an accelerated rate. Malissa had resumed teaching her classes, and the family was able to settle into a pleasant routine. Robin finally talked Nancy into having a house concert. She was a bit nervous, but came through in spite of everyone being there.

After the Concert they were all sitting on the porch enjoying the fresh night air:

“It’s hard to believe that it’s February first, already,” Nancy commented.

“Yes,” Lt. Hawk said, “but it certainly was a pleasant way to start the month. You definitely have a talent for the piano, Nancy. Thank you for sharing it with us tonight.”

“Robin had to talk me into it. In the beginning I was very nervous, but after a while I got lost in the music and just played from my heart.”

“Well, it was truly a wonderful experience,” Malissa said. “I remember playing my violin with you accompanying me when I was fifteen.”

“I didn’t know you played the violin,” Robin began, “In fact, I haven’t seen you pick one up since I’ve known you. Do you still play?”

“I don’t know. I was a teenager in high school at the time. It’s been so long since I graduated, I’m not sure I could remember how.”

“I know what you mean,” he replied, “I used to play guitar and double bass. Even though I can still tell the difference between them, remembering how to play is a whole other ball game.”

Ray spoke up: “I played oboe and clarinet in high school and college. I still play once in a while. It helps me relax.”

“Mac was a percussionist,” Malissa offered, “Weren’t you?”

“Yeah. It gave me something to beat on besides people.”

“You’ve never beat on people without a real reason to,” Nancy chided, “…and I’ve known you for quite a few years.”

“True, but sometimes I’ve felt like it.”

“I think we all have felt that way at some point or other,” Lt. Hawk added, “Having to deal with kids who raised themselves, and their disrespect…”

“Don’t get me started, Hawk,” Frank said. “The students get worse every year. Not only is every other word a curse word, but they all sound like English is a second language for them; and they didn’t bother to learn it very well.

“The worst part of it is that we aren’t allowed to correct them on it because it might hurt their delicate feelings. The school won’t even allow us to use red pens to correct or point out spelling mistakes. I was hired to teach English and grammar classes, but I’m not allowed to actually teach properly. Worst of all, I sometimes feel like I’ve gone from professor to babysitter.”

Mac shook his head, “Too true, but once in a while, someone like Stephanie walks into my classroom. It makes it all worthwhile.

“In fact, I have several students that I’ve managed to collect into one class who keep me on my toes. While they are with me, they are civil, respectful, attentive, and willing to learn. Outside my classroom, they may revert to the ‘Lord of the Flies’ or screaming monkeys, but while they’re in my class, they seem to really want to learn.”

Malissa laughed and nodded her head, “Most of my students come to my class because it’s an easy grade. The 4.0 students don’t have to work as hard as in some of the other sciences, so they are able to maintain their “A” standard.

“It’s true that some of the underachievers think that just by showing up they can raise their grade from a “C” average, but they soon find out that I do require they at least pay attention to the lectures or they won’t pass their tests. Plus, I tend to get a lot of athletes who need the grade if they want to continue to play their sport.

“The smart ones take the harder classes, so I end up with the kids that have an allergic reaction to academics; that’s not to say some of them aren’t actually interested in the class. I get my share of good students too; of course, many of those are looking for answers to their own paranormal experiences. Hopefully, they will learn something new.”

“Unfortunately,” Robin started, rising from his chair, “We’re not going to solve all their personal problems today - especially when the schools reinforce their bad behaviors - So, I think I’ll go to bed.”

“I’m tired too. Two more working days before the weekend,” Malissa said as she stood up. “Goodnight everybody.”

“Goodnight, kids,” Nancy said. “By the way, I managed to get some blueberries from the market, so I’m making blueberry pancakes for breakfast.”

“Yum… Thanks mom. Amanda says, 'Thank you', too. We both love your blueberry pancakes.”

Robin and Malissa went up to their room. They had set up the portable Faraday cage earlier. After they were ready for bed they crawled into the tent and closed the entrance.

After a minute or two: “I thought you were tired,” Malissa said.

“Well, there’s tired, and then there’s ‘dead’ tired. Do I look like a zombie to you?”

“No, but you do seem to be stiffening up.”

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