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A mother's pain grows a thousandfold when she learns her child suffered in her absence. When the most trusted people were destroying her child's life, she shattered.

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Chapter 1

Poornima sat on a pool of blood. It belong to the man laying in front of her, dead. His wife hovered over him, wailing for his demise. While held no emotion in her eyes, she looked almost dead like the man in front of her.

She huffed at the elderly woman crying over her husband’s dead body. Little did that woman knew, her husband deserves no tears from anyone.

The continues cry had caught the attention of the neighbours, as they rushed into the house. They were greeted with a messy house, the dead man and the two ladies.

“I told you earlier, to chase this woman away from here” a man spoke loud enough that the entire room could hear.

“I never knew she would turn out to be a murderer in disguise. Her innocent face had fooled all of us” said a lady far from Poornima’s sight.

A young man in his twenties crouched down next to Poornima and whispered to her, “If you wanted only money, you should have tried something else. You know there are lots of redlight areas”

She snapped her head at him.

Poornima uttered nothing but said a lot through her intense stare that made him fall out of balance. Her bloody hand gripped on the knife went tighter yet she stayed calm and remained seated in front of the deceased.

The entire fifteenth floor residents had cramped into Kalidasan’s apartment. In a way, they were trying to keep her from running away until the police arrive, their concept for jamming the doorway.


Chennai a city full of hopes and dreams. A city that never dies.

So, does crime. Crime never has an end. It still lives around everyone and exists in all forms and sizes.

Dealing with crimes isn’t a new thing for DSP Gautham Shankar, he is known for his both soft and rough way of performing interrogation based on the case’s weight.

Gautham Shankar has been recently transferred to Chennai Police Department and the third case after his transfer greeted him with a murder case of a man in his mid fifties.

“Sir, here is the case file that came in today morning. It’s a murder case and neighbours are claiming he has been murdered for money. The accuse is here, sir but-” Gautham held a palm to the Inspector.

“Thank you, Moorthy. I’ll look into the file first. Meanwhile, handle the lady with dignity and bring her to the interrogation chamber. Remember, she is not an accuse yet until I say so. Got it.” Gautham said in an authoritative voice.

He took an hour before he was ready for the interrogation session with the lady who was brought to the station by the residences of GreenLush Apartment early morning.

Gautham made sure no one was with them in the chamber and to watch the proceeding through the one-way mirror. He personally choose to have a proper private interrogation with only a camera and microphone to record their statement.

In a very rare occasion do Gautham choose to have such an arrangement.

For this case, a woman murdering a man and sitting by the side of the death body clearly indicates many aspects of the case that might open up a lot of personal matter.

Hence, keeping it as intimate as possible for this woman seemed to be the best choice for him.

Gautham entered the room. Poornima was seated facing her back to him and she did not move an inch to the noise the door made.

Taking a seat opposite her, Gautham spent a few seconds to read her face and that had nothing. No fear. No guilty. No anger.

He cleared his throat and bored his eyes into hers.

“What’s your name?”

“Poornima Rajesh”

“What is your occupation?”

“Data analysts in CIT”

“hmm...” Gautham nodded and looked back into his file for a moment before closing it.

“Poornima Rajesh, 33 years old, CIT Company employee. You are charged for murdering Kalidasan in his residency. What do you want to say about it?” he asked.

All of a sudden as if she was put back into the awful situation, mixed emotion rushed through Poornima, “That bastard deserves every bit of torture that exist in this world” she yelled and hit her fist on the table.

“Control yourself, Ms. Poornima” Gautham raised his voice.

She took a couple of deep breaths.

“Why do you say the man deserves what he suffered?”

“Because that man is a bloody pervert!!” she raged.

As if stabbing Kalidasan wasn’t enough, Poornima clenched her fist ever so tight causing her nails to dig into her skin. Tears seep down her cheeks as she closed her eyes.

“Nobody. Nobody believed me nor my daughter. They all believed him only because he had an image of a respectable man living in that fucking apartment” Poornima used the back of her hand to wipe of the tears flowing. Her hands were handcuffed, restricting her movements.

Gautham’s face soften a little at the mention of daughter, he flipped open the file and found no record of any daughter. “Why there is no mention about your daughter here?”

“Those bloody residence must have missed out while filing the FIR. Too eager to send me out” she huffed.

“How old is she?”

“Turning six in two months” she gave a faded smile.

Gautham gave Poornima a few minutes to relax before he continued.

“What were you saying about, no one believed you?” he leaned closer to the table.

“Long story. hmm..., where should I begin with...

Maybe I should start from the beginning. —for better understanding” Poornima now sat resting her back on the seat.

“I was married off when I was twenty-six. My husband and I lived in a twenty story apartment, GreenLush Apartment.

I was introduced to Kalidasan through my husband.

He was my husband’s uncle. Kalidasan stayed there with his wife, Janaki. He was a very nice man to begin with, respectable and kind man.

Everything was going on well. We were hap- I mean I was kind of happy with the new life.

I still remember, it was our second year anniversary.” The tears had dried, her lifeless eyes fixed on Gautham who was hearing tentatively. Poornima had a weak upward curve her lips.

“My husband gave me the most wonderful gift a wife could have asked for.

A divorce. A divorce paper on our wedding day set on the table in front of me.

I, on the other hand wanted to tell him a good news as soon as he was back that day instead he took the lead.

I wanted to tell him that he is going to be a father soon instead told me, he no longer want to be my husband” her dried eyes had filled with tears once again.

“He requested to make the divorce as a mutual concern from both parties.” Poornima bit her lips in attempt to control her quivering lips.

“I love him and his happiness was mine. So, I agreed.

Furthermore, trying to hold someone who doesn’t want me is a foolishness, right? I gave my consent.

Within two months, the divorce was granted.

He worked in an IT firm but he had bigger dreams. He wanted to pursue his dreams and family seems to be a burden for him. So, he sent me out of his life leaving me and my unborn child alone in that bloody apartment.”

A gush of anger build up as Poornima gritted her teeth and scratch the wooden table. She cursed herself for throwing her life to this marriage.

Gautham watched her quietly, studying and taking notes every now and then.

Only if she had rejected the alliance.

“My parents stayed far from Chennai and as a daughter, I didn’t want them to be worried for me.

So, I never went there to share my devastation nor did I invited them here.

Not even at the time of my delivery but they insisted to come and they did. Only to share their sorrowful life back in the village, their visit wasn’t meant for me nor my new born.

My new born was just a reason to reach me.” Poornima smiled looking at nowhere in particular.

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