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Jack Humphrey is 52 years old and has a very sad backstory. Ever since Reece Davidson was 9 she was determined to find out what it is in the least painful way for jack.

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East forest hill 237620

9 year old Reece sits in the back of her car staring out the window in her overalls and favorite shirt underneath. A white shirt with little specks of black glitter on it along with a pretty ruffle on the end of the sleeves. She wears some sandals with twists and braids along the sides and top. She fidgets with her hands as she stares ou the window on East forest hills. It’s a very boring street with few trees and little flowers. She lives on the street and wishes there was just a little pop of color or some pretty flowers. Everyone on this street hates colors except Reece. Her parents forbid her from wearing or having anything more than a few splashes of Pink or purple even yellow. Her hair is twisted back with braids into a bun with a white and black tie around it. She wears this everyday. Reece always found that one house particular had the prettiest little green tree with leaves that dangle downward but somehow had a way of wanting to stand up and not wanting to fall down. Beside the house everyday sat a on his motorcycle longing to go somewhere but never moving forward. it was actually pretty sad. He sat with a cigar and a dirty rag in his hand , the cigar partially wrapped up by the rag.On

One late night Reece saw he was still there, people had said that he sits there all night long with droopy eyes and a longing look on his face. Reece once traded to go and talk to him but her parents told her to get away from him. She never knew why. She promised herself one day she would go and talk to him, demand to know what was wrong but in a nice way, of course. For Reece never had a heart that could be rude like that. Reece grew older suddenly she was 18 and ready to live on her own. During those few years she figured out the mans name was jack and he was 52 though, 9 years had passed so he was now 61. She grew sadder and sadder every time she passed him in her car. One day she was going to do what she promised herself 9 years ago.

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