Mafia's Rose

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"If one falls, we get hurt" she reminded, " If one falls, we stop." she closed her eyes, gulping, as he locked her in between his masculine arms. "Do you want us to stop?" his rich voice rang to her eyes, his eyes filled with hope for her response. -------------------------------------------------------- UNEDITED .-. 2020 © *WARNING* this story has violence, sexual content, abuse, gore, and so on. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Hope u like this ")/

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Life with chaos.

His life is filled with chaos, his sweat always is covered with specks of blood from his victims.
For him, his life is simple, boring, dark. In the eyes of others, he is a villain. His name will make you feel chills down your spine.

He is not to be messed with.

Sports is what a dad teaches to his son, right?
Darts, a reprise version of darts,
instead of darts, he gave his son knives,
instead of the dartboard, the head of his dad’s enemy.
Soon after knives he showed him guns.

Like a robot, you program it to make it do stuff,
his father did. He fueled his son’s head with the knowledge
on how to bring his enemies
six feet under.

Yes, sports.

His dad taught him the things a 12 year old kid shouldn’t know,
how to kill, torture, how to bring joy out of people’s misery.

His story is not for children to hear, his deeds implanted within his soul,
his eyes turn dull from his actions as years went by.

Aron Zennion Than.

He finally stands on his own feet.


Life is peaceful.

Her existence is not important to society. She views herself as one of those people who hides away from attention. A supporting character in their life, maybe less.

Oh how she wished for that to be as simple as that.

She’s been hiding since she was sixteen. Three years of hiding from her own parents. She could not be in her own home anymore. Her parents practically sold her off to some rich guy’s son, that would make her his bride once she turns nineteen, which is this year.

Have you ever felt suffocated in your own home? Can she even call that her home?

Dawn Brooks Kenwood.

But she uses her grandfather’s last name as her own to hide herself, no one would use his last name ‘Brooks’, they have abandoned it. Dawn has been a grandpa’s girl when he was still alive.

Her grandpa Albert doesn’t approve of his daughter’s and son-in-law’s idea of his granddaughter, being sold. But he no longer holds the power over his family’s decision. Dawn’s dad always wanted more power, even if they already have. They were second in the index of the richest family after all.

But he wanted more, up to the point that he sold his own daughter. Dawn’s mom would approve her husband’s ideas.

Blinded by love.

Dawn’s grandpa gave her a chance, a chance to run from her own life. Giving her a condo at a town called Pines and her private account that would last her up to her college life. She was scared of the plan, her living alone. But she was more scared of her parent’s plan.

She was hiding, but she was hunted. She is a no one, but not if she is found.
A month after her grandpa died,

She ran.


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