Mafia's Rose

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C H A P T E R - 2

It’s been three years, four months, eight days since Dawn left her house.

It took her sixteen years to finally run away,

But it only took her thirty minutes to want to get her things and leave the room wherein her professor is babbling about algebra.

She groans not wanting to listen to any more of this,
But comparing her life before, she mentally sighed as she did want to change her lifestyle and she had to do this.

Before she was home schooled, taught by a entrepreneur, not a basic teacher. Her parents wanted her to pick up the company when she becomes legal, that is after she gets married by whoever sick guy her parents sold her off too.

Her intelligence is beyond average, and that’s why whenever her professor speaks how to solve the problem on the board, she would silently scoff. Her professor’s method was not even precise. His answers are always wrong at the end, but he covers it by immediately erasing the black ink of the whiteboard, coughing. How low is the school’s standard on hiring teachers?

After a while,
The bell rang, hinting the end of school.

Dawn is now in second year college, accounting, that is what she’s good at, business. She plans to make a small business and live of what she can profit from it.

She got in on her 2012 black vintage car and drive directly home after going at
drive through for some dinner.

She stopped at the highway as the stop light turned red, shoving in a bunch of fries in her mouth.

As the lights went green, she stepped on the gas pedal and hummed a tune,
She turned on the radio and a broadcast went on.

“This has been on for a while now Tim, everyone is talking about the engagement of the heir of the Brell’s and the heir of the Luhen’s,” she lightly pressed the pedal as the announcer mentioned the engagement. Even is she’s not there, her parents actually went on about the engagement.


“The media is swirling up on this matter, the CEO of the Brell’s, Richard Kenwood, is saying his family and his daughter has been so excited about this matter and their wedding will be four months from now.” Dawn stiffen,

‘Can they do that? Can they marry me to a stranger when I’m not even physically there!’ her thoughts raging in her head, how can her own family marry her off to a stranger just for power?

‘Am I gonna keep on hiding forev– ’ her thoughts were cut off as her car bumped into something.
She took a look in front and her eyes widen as a hand gripped the hood of her car– no, correction, she hit someone.

She hit a fucking person.

“HOLY SHIT!” she panicked, she got out of her car and went to the person.

She stopped on her tracks and her eyes widen as the man picked himself up.
What even made her eyes widen was because of what she is seeing.

A god?
A man, leaning on the hood. Taking in the pain, is he though?
Pain did not show, he did not even hiss.

He turned around to see the woman who had hit him, after looking at her,
Both did not stop looking at each other,

A staring contest?

Dawn stared at his eyes, she wondered how his eyes reflected no emotion. It was dull.

She was confused, confused on why she felt pain when his eyes were lifeless,
His eyes were menacing, it hinted danger.
But it was like a fog had covered the beautiful life in his dark green eyes.

She wanted to see that, she wanted to see his eyes with life.

She was in a trance.


He was running after a criminal, well his victim, but in his defense, his supposed to be victim is a criminal.

Aron ran across the fields of green, running after him. He would’ve just shot him and this would all be over. But Aron wanted to make his life a living hell before ending his life. He almost caught him until he crossed the road, and a car hit me.

‘Fuck’ he mentally cursed, he stood up. Holding the hood of the car for support.

“HOLY SHIT!” he heard the driver said, a voice of a woman. His brows furrowed as why he felt elated with the voice.

As he stood up, he leaned on the hood, regaining his balance. He shock is thoughts and glared at the woman who came out of her car.

To say she was beautiful is an understatement,
her eyes were dangerous, in a good way.

He was trapped in her gaze as she deeply looked into his eyes,

He felt like she can see his demons just by looking at his eyes. It was the fact that no one can look him in the eye, they were too scared.

What made her look into them with such curiosity?

Her eyes gleamed of admiration as she studied him for a brief moment.

She seemed to have snapped out from her trance as she coughed,

“I’m so sorry, I-I didn’t see you. I was distracted. Let’s go to the hospital to get you checked” she grabbed his arm, dragging him to her car’s passengers seat.

He didn’t say a word, he didn’t protest. It wasn’t even a big deal. There were no injuries after all. He had no idea why he didn’t slapped her hands off of his arms.

He had never let anyone touch him.

What made her different?


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