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Dad’s dead. Mom’s nowhere to be found. The children are dead. No one’s around. The dog disappeared. The fat cat got ran over. You’re dead. Everyone doesn’t like you. You’re dead. The house is empty. The baby stopped crying. The TV stopped playing You’re unlucky, but the number 13 is unluckier. Will you be able to handle the bad luck or cave in and let it take over you? Soon you’ll find out, and maybe your destiny will be fine.. 13 short stories depicting what happens to the non believers who fall victim to the 13 curse..

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The number thirteen can be a dangerous number, just like how some things can be dangerous, also. Especially humans, also known as the most stupid species on this earth. We go to war with each other over pointless things, surely you, dear reader, agree with me? Sooner or later, we’ll go extinct, never to be seen again.

And you know what I say?

The sooner the better.

That’s why the superstition of the number thirteen was invented, to keep us all in check. Obviously it’s.. yet to work, but it will. Just wait.

The non believers get it worse, the believers are better off.

Choose your side.

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