Alpha Vulcan

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Chapter 4

Thalia’s POV

It is still, all except for the rocking I feel. The air is tainted with the metallic smell of my blood and it makes me feel nauseas. It almost feels like I am ruining the crisp air with the smell of my blood.

My stomach is unsteady, as I move from side to side, it feels like I am rocking on a boat. A wince escapes my mouth as I feel scuffing against my shredded back. It takes all my strength not to scream in pain.

My mind is running wild, my eyes still closed. I am drifting back into the world of the conscious. I feel like screaming, the pain is rushing back at an alarming rate, at least when I was unconscious, I didn’t feel any of the pain.

There is a new feeling in my body, I feel lighter, like a burden has been lifted from my chest. The rejection ceremony worked! I am no longer part of the Hades Pack. I am after all the years of suffering and pain, free.

It is the smell that pulls me from out of my mind. It is Richard’s scent, the smell of cinnamon and nuts, is something that I’ll possibly never forget. My eyes shoot open, and his widen in surprise. For once, there is no malice or ill intent coating them.

Everything spins out of control. This is possibly the worst and best day of my life. “Mate.” The word comes out of me like instinct, I can feel Lana surfacing. She feels just as suspicious as I do, we both know that this isn’t going to turn out great.

He simply nods. No romantic, gooey eyed exclamations of love that usually appears when mates find one another. All I am given is a sad smile, and a mind filled with confusion.

How long has he known about us being mates? Why did he abuse me for years? Is that why he suddenly stopped hurting me?

My mind feels heavy, “Shh, it’s okay.” Richard’s words soothe me, and I feel like my body is betraying me. He has no hold over me after the pain and suffering I went through at his hands.

I look away, unable to keep the feelings of betrayal from surfacing. This is why I didn’t want a mate in the first place, I knew that fate would give me a mate that didn’t work out.

The forest feels dark and sinister. It feels like the low hanging branches is reaching out to scratch at me. “My father asked the pack to dump you on the border.” Richard’s voice is light, like he is talking about the weather.

He continues, “But, you know what we are, I couldn’t do that to you, so I am bring you to the Cernunnos Pack.” My chest tightens in fear, the pack he is taking me to, is infamous for their brutality.

I shake my head, and he looks at me with pity. What he doesn’t understand is that I don’t need pity right now, I need action. Some sort of chance at freedom to live my life the way I want.

“Please, can you just take me to a human town?” My voice breaks from even asking my abuser the question, and he shakes his head. I feel like death is creeping up to me.

“You have a better chance of surviving in a pack.” I scoff.

“Like that worked out in the Hades pack.” Richard’s arms stiffen around me, and I am scared he will do something to me. I hold my breath, but he only exhales audibly, giving me a grim look.

“I am sorry.” The words are empty, even if there is a ring of sincerity to it. Some things are unforgiveable. “We are no longer in my territory; we have entered the Cernunnos.”

I nod, not knowing what else to say to him, my throat is thick, and I feel dizzy once more. There is a rustling in my chest that’s stifling.

My hand clutches my chest, as there is a painful sting. Richard gives me a sad smile as we near a big tree. He places me against it, and my back stings as I rub against the bark. He gives me an apologetic look, and it reminds me of the ones Blake used to give me.

I feel a strong sense of longing, as he is the only person who can comfort me in the state that I am in now. I know that they have done something to him, because he is not the type of person who will abandon me in a time of critical need.

“You have to stay here. When they see how weak you are, they will help you.” I cannot meet his eyes.

“Listen.” I look at him and his blue eyes shine in pain. What could possibly have him feeling like this?

“I rejected you, and I need you to accept it, okay?” I knew that this was coming, but I didn’t expect him to kick me when I am down. I nod, swallowing hard, my emotions are bubbling to the surface.

There are howls coming from around us and he gives me an apologetic look before running off. “Stay alive.” His words are a whisper in the wind, and dots are appearing in my vision as I hear the loud pounding of paws hitting the ground.

The woods are dark, and unforgiving as I lay against the trunk of the sleepy willow. The sun is going to rise soon, I know this because the sky is lightening up slowly.

“At least I now know when my birthday is.” Lana sighs in the back of my mind. She is numb to the pain in my back, as I am keeping a barrier between her and the pain.

There is a crunch coming from a bush in front of me, and I swear my heart stopped. Yellow eyes flash from all around me, I am surrounded by wolves. Their snarling is frightening, and it progresses as they near me. I hold my hands up in surrender.

It feels like there is a slab of concrete placed on my chest, the air shifts, and my eyes close. Darkness taking my mind over.

Vulcan’s POV

My Beta rushes into my office, and irritation leaks out of my mouth, “Something you cannot handle?” Is it so difficult to have a quiet moment alone?

Cedric’s eye twitches and I know that I have struck a nerve. No wolf likes it when someone insinuates that they are uncapable of doing their duty. “Just an unconscious girl.” He walks closer to me and I still.

“What smell is that?” My voice comes out as a growl. Cedric swallows, knowing that I have almost no control over my beat side. When it takes over, there will be havoc.

I can feel my claws ripping through my fingertips, “Take me to her.” The house shakes with the ferocity leaking from my voice.

It feels like my body is being set ablaze. My eye color changes as my beast takes control. I hope I don’t tear her to pieces.

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