Alpha Vulcan

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Chapter 5

Thalia’s POV

The world is constantly spinning around, and although it’s not a profound thought, it simply in my mind proves that the problems I have now, will too, eventually move on from me like the earth spins.

There’s no easy way out of the situation I have gotten myself into. My so-called mate, Richard just had to put in a dangerous situation one last time.

“Safety” Lana scoffs. The tone she uses insinuates that he did it to protect us, but I know that if he wanted to protect us, that he would’ve rather taken us to a human established town rather than an unfamiliar and notorious known pack. I push her into her own corner of my mind, needing silence to analyze the situation I’m in.

The pain sets in steadily. My back is like a live wire as I feel the streaks of pain burn. I know that even though the wounds are healing, they will inevitably scar terribly. Gratefulness seats in, as I know that it was the price, I had to pay for freedom from the Hades Pack.

There is shifting in the air, like someone is moving around me, and I am alert. My nose tingles as I smell wet ground. It is refreshing from the usual burning cinnamon scent the torturous pack I used to belong, has.

“Come on, honey. You need to wake up.” I groan as the loud noise flitters through the air. My body goes into survival mode, there is no need for me to choose between fight or flight, as I have no energy for either.

It’s like I’m jump started like a car as I feel a slight pain beckon me to wake up. My body jumps upright, I gasp for air, and blink rapidly. The light is a nuisance to my light sensitive eyes. Looking to the side, I see a woman standing there, with a mischievous look resting in her eyes.

“I’m sorry that I pinched you, but I had no other choice.” Her voice sounds softer now, as my ears are now tuned into my surroundings. She has a clipboard in her hands, but she isn’t wearing a white coat. “I felt that you needed a little something to bring you back to the land of the conscious, and then I thought… that if someone were to pinch me while I was sleeping, I would wake up immediately.”

I don’t know what I can say to the woman. And, just my luck as just as she is about to say something else, she rushes through the open door, and into the bathroom connected to the hospital like room I’m in. She is crouched over the toilet, hurling her guts into it. I feel my stomach become slightly upset and I’m glad that I’m not feeling nauseas myself. Her scent wafts over to me, and understanding sets in.

She eventually stops throwing up and washes her mouth out with the mint mouthwash sitting on the sink. She walks through the door, looking apologetic as she rubs her slightly protruding stomach.

“I hope you don’t pinch your kid like that.” The woman places her hands on her hips, giving me a faux scolding look, when the door smashes open. We both jump in fright.

The world is on fast forward mode, and before I know it, my protective instinct comes out. I’m standing in front of the pregnant woman, serving as a sort of human like shield from the potential danger. Any threat shown towards a wolf bearing a pup, is seen as a fight to the death as punishment.

My heart is pounding in my chest and I know if I looked down, that I would be able to see the skin on my chest rise with the rhythm.

The wolf is huge and emanates danger from his pores. He looks almost bear like as he stares at me with a wild look in his soulful eyes. I still feel a threat looming over us, and my growl is directed at the man to stand down.

He doesn’t head to my warning and with his stance changing, I know that he is taking the growl rather than a warning, a challenge. His growl moves through my body, and I feel like completely submitting to the male. It is a battle to stay standing.

It’s only when I look into his eyes that I feel it. It feels like I’m caught up in the center of a tropical storm, standing on the edge a cliff leading into the dangerous waters. The waters reach out to me, and when I give in, stepping off the safety of the cliff, I’m submerged. I dive into peace, the blue welcoming me blissfully.

I move closer to him, my body is no longer in my control but those of the pull I have towards the male standing, in the doorway, looking like the most dangerous animal on earth. I feel a hand on my arm, trying to stop me, but it does not deter me. I move my arm out of the grasp and go with the flow I’m feeling.

I am in front of him. He is much taller than I am, his stature almost engulfs my petite one completely. I know that this male can fold me in half with little to no effort on his part. The smell of fresh rainfall fills my nostrils, and it awakens a wild part of myself that wants nothing but to fill my whole body with the scent.

It’s like a powerful pulse that shocks through the both of us. It is electric as I stand on my tippy toes, placing my hand on his sculpted jaw.

My fingertips feel like it is burning in the most delicious way possible as they travel up his rough beard to his cheek. I’m submerged into his cerulean orbs. Breathlessness settles in as I look into the most beautiful artwork.

The shades of pure blue have dashes of gold splattered into the expertly. It is by far the bluest of blues I have seen, and it captivates a deep part of me that has gone numb years ago. His eyelashes are thick and match the onyx of his curls.

The male emanates pure dominance and strength, “Mate.” His gruff voice travels through my ears, to my chest, stomach and nestles itself in my most woman parts.

The word echoes through the walls of my mind as Lana and I both breathlessly utter one word, “Mate?”

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